The importance of having bilingual legal services

bilingual legal services


Having bilingual legal services allows your firm to expand its offerings. Not only for the benefit of your law firm but also to outsource services to companies. And with the growing wave of immigrants, it’s necessary to reach them when they need legal advice.


If you have your own law firm or pursue your own clients, you are likely to want to expand your business. The importance of having bilingual services will allow you to go further. Of course, it depending on the location of your business for which languages to market to. When you can speak the native language of a client, it forms more of a bond between seller and buyer. Thus, the client is more inclined to do that, buy your services.


In the following point, we will explain why you should offer bilingual legal services. Keep reading.


Bilingual legal services make better law firms

For native English speakers, choosing bilingual legal services may not be obvious. But, if someone has an accident and the only witness speaks only Spanish, a bilingual attorney is the best. In other words, it makes the difference between a strong and a weak case. Also, a bilingual attorney could have a better understanding of any translation problems.


At the same time, a bilingual personal injury lawyer can act as a personal translator. It works for a non-English-speaking defense team. So, you get an individual who understands the context of what you are trying to say and prove. Besides, your firm can translate it without errors. Relying on a bilingual attorney to represent your claim is always in your best interest. That’s why it’s better to hire a bilingual personal injury attorney.


In the United States, most legal proceedings are in English. It’s common for many Hispanic immigrants to feel unsure of their ability to speak English. So, they seek the help of a bilingual attorney. If they do not have an attorney to whom they can explain their claim, they may not go to court.


Bilingual legal services for business

Every company must always have a legal advisor. Many times this aspect of management does not receive the importance it deserves. But, companies must have good advice, so that there is no lack of information when necessary.


bilingual legal services

Having bilingual legal services support a company to solve some inconveniences. Legal and juridical advice is fundamental to attend to different regulations you can’t ignore. Also, no business is exempt from conflicts, like possible legal disagreements with clients. As a result, they do not allow them to carry out the strategies of growth in a conventional way. It’s when the companies that provide bilingual legal services becomes relevant.


Having the support of a bilingual legal advisor is essential for a company. In this way, business strategies will continue, and they will be able to focus on growth. Now, let’s talk about more bilingual legal services benefits.


More benefits

When your firm offers bilingual legal services, you can understand another culture. Besides, it’s a competitive advantage that will allow you to work in different areas. If you still don’t have a good command of Spanish, try to learn a few simple words from their language. If you can figure out what your Hispanic client says, you have a much better chance to offer them real solutions.


Bilingual legal services will make your law firm more desirable to hire

One fundamental statistic when hiring legal services is the languages they handle. A non-English speaking client feels better with a lawyer with whom they can talk. That’s what Suzanne Grandt, Assistant Counsel for @StateBarCA, confirms. She explains when clients speak in their native tongue feel more comfortable. As a result, they hire you. 


If you have bilingual legal services, you have an advantage over your competitors. Also, you can expect word-of-mouth referrals to be a reference for business for your law firm. Even if you only work with English-speaking clients, chances could be better. In other words, your cases will involve many non-English speaking clients.


Bilingual is profitable 

bilingual legal services

Bilingual legal services are magnificent because you can have a wider audience. Lawyer Ty Doyle explains being bilingual allows providing legal services in many areas. Also, many companies are looking for bilingual lawyers to assist with international partners.


With a growing population, law firms are looking for more Spanish-speaking lawyers. Nowadays, they need to defend the rights of Hispanics even more. Also, bilingual legal services are fundamental to assist throughout the immigration process.


In conclusion, Sean Patrick Hopwood, President, and CEO of Day Translations, Inc., states:


“It’s important for clients who do not speak English to have a legal practitioner. One who speaks their language. They are more comfortable talking with someone fluent in their language. If they need to fill out forms, for example, they can use their mother tongue. Because they know their attorney could translate what they say.” 


Are you still consider having bilingual legal services in your law firm? Please read this and make your conclusions.

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