The Importance of SEO – Top 3 reasons why you should always do it!

Guess what? SEO is still very relevant in 2021 and beyond! Why? Algorithm updates giving an opportunity to businesses that work on getting more organic traffic. The importance of SEO for everyone who manages a website should be a top priority as the new year rolls out.


Changes in algorithms inevitably lead to SEO strategy changes: traffic drops and rises, and constant attention from SEO professionals on all the news that goes out from Google.


In 2021, the importance of SEO is based on user experience, which continues to be Google’s #1 goal. Offering consumers the content they are looking for, without distractions and original and fast way possible, has always been their highest objective.


Why SEO even matters in 2021 and beyond? There are three reasons you always want to keep in mind. Let’s SEO it!

Focus on Search Intent

In 2021, the importance of SEO has the most valued facts in search intent and it is based on user experience, which continues to be one of Google’s goals. Offering consumers the content they are looking for without distractions. Original and complete content in the fastest way possible has always been their highest objective.


According to Manuel Pérez, SEO expert and consultant, «the importance of the search intention (search intent) is going to be greater and greater so that Google will understand more frequently, whether or not a page responds to what the users.»

Pérez also agrees on content optimization for a search intention is essential to be able to rank any project.


«Without leaving the subject, the enriched data that are increasingly important will be reflected more clearly in the SERPs, occupying the zero position, and also the first results, » he adds.

The importance of SEO in 2021

The importance of SEO in 2021 is focusing on websites proving to search engines that ‘the more, the better.’ Brian Harnish, SEO Senior Analyst at Bruce Clay, Inc., says you must know the relevance of the following SEO factors in search intent:


  • Optimizing for page speed
  • Strategic optimization of your target keywords
  • Page URL optimization
  • Write content according to your audience
  • Internal link optimization when creating a page of content
  • Including images strategically throughout your text

SEO optimization strategies in 2021

The following 5 aspects of your website are essential for your SEO strategy.

  • Take care of technical issues. For instance, the loading speed of websites has a big emphasis on the importance of SEO. It’s not a secret: Search Console announced they are studying ‘tagging’ slow websites and warning users about it on Google Chrome. SEO expert, Fede Gómez, confirms it is essential for medium and large-sized sites to optimize indexing. “We have to choose well which URLs of our website we want the bot to crawl so as not to waste the resources Google gives us,” he concludes.


  • Voice searches will be a challenge in 2021’s SEO. SEO consultant María Julieta Gómez affirms one of the biggest trends is the boom in voice searches. “This change and trend in search habits require that campaigns adapted more semantic phrases and the use of long-tail at the keyword level, in addition to adding a conversational tone in-text ads“, she complements. María Julieta adds the increased consumption of visual multimedia pieces is the perfect opportunity to create more visual marketing campaigns.


  • Website optimization as a part of the SEO importance in 2021. Your on-page and off-page optimization have more effectiveness in your rank’s positions.


  • Improving on-page optimization includes mobile-friendly sites, correct site architecture, sitemaps, and SSL certificates. Don’t forget to create content based on keyword research and SEO copywriting strategies.


  • Off-page optimization referred to link-building activities include other websites refer to your pages, signaling Google that your content is first-class. Be sure to create great content and get backlinks from other webpages.

Tools and algorithms

These are some of the tools you can check out in 2021 to optimize your website’s SEO:


  • Google Discover. It is an excellent source of organic traffic. It is an exclusive mobile function that adds content to the user’s feed or the application according to their navigation interests. Appearing in Google Discover is imperative to have an AMP version and to manage Google News for Publisher.


  • AMP Stories. A new Google format similar to the Stories used by Instagram or Facebook but in Google search results. This new trend is part of the importance of SEO for all websites.


  • Consider more multimedia content. As the quality of mobile screens improves, the use and consumption of multimedia and animated pieces increase as well. Google has access to information and inputs from this use, which allows optimization of display campaigns.


  • BERT algorithm novelties. Google has been using learning algorithms to improve its users’ search experience. It helps to avoid keyword-filled web pages. In 2021, this algorithm is going to be used to analyze the structure and context of keywords search.

So, are there any doubts about the importance of SEO in 2021?


Remember: “Investing in proper SEO gets you long-term, reliable traffic. Leading to more sales and loyal customers. And that makes it such a great investment”. (Is SEO Still Worth It in 2020 and Beyond,, 2020)


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