Importance of digital marketing during COVID-19

digital marketing during covid 19


We analyze the future of the importance of digital marketing during COVID-19. We put a specific interest in the performance of companies and their transformation. The situation we are experiencing due to the coronavirus puts a different world in front of us. It proposes new ways of doing things, of living, and also influences the system of selling and buying. And that, my entrepreneurial friend, you know better than anyone.


The most positive aspect has been to see how many companies have shown solidarity, for instance, paying their payroll, producing masks, or an antibacterial gel. It’s in critical moments when we see the human quality of companies to help in the best way. You can offer your customers to pay in installments over a while. You can also sell them redeemable vouchers to buy their products in the physical store in the future. In this way, you guarantee liquidity and maintain your conversion rates.


A business must adapt their marketing strategies. According to Lauren Snyder, Content Marketing Strategist, that happens to reach customers at the right place and at the right time. Social distancing created physical distance but can connect to clients in new ways, she adds. That will be the challenge of your venture from now on. So, read on to find out what you should apply to your business.


digital marketing during covid 19Digital marketing during COVID-19 demands reinvention

Companies have to move faster or take a giant step towards digital. The importance of digital marketing during COVID-19 leaves no other alternative: enhance e-commerce. Those that had digital platforms have started with a great advantage. Others have changed to adapt to online consumption.


In other words, “a company keeps up with digital marketing trends,” says
Isidro Sánchez-Crespo, Master in Digital Marketing. In this way, it can get the best profit from the brand. “If the company was not using it, there is no better time to start,” he explains. So, it’s time to refer to the word of the season: reinvention.


Talking about reinvention, the importance of digital marketing during COVID-19 is fundamental. It pushes many businesses to improvise a digital marketing model. For example, producers had no choice to sell their products on social media profiles. Thus, its path generating a buying experience through apps. Also, help them maintain a high selling level on your websites. Then you have no choice: reinvent the digital strategy for your business. Don’t wait any longer!


Digital marketing during COVID-19 strategies

Digital marketing during COVID-19 proposes customer-oriented strategies with three new actions:

  1. Be present and visible to the consumer
  2. Report on any change in the service or measures taken to improve hygiene in each process
  3. Determine new customer service protocols and listen to users


Besides, some countries have managed the current crisis in an educated way. Others have been slow to install measures that care for the population. Be that as it may, some nations have rough moments than others. That means some of them will not perform as well as others. So, it’s time to look for diversification, try new languages, and see the statistics.


“With the increase of remote working, companies are turning to digital channels and embracing the transformation.” That’s what Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, says. To clarify, we have seen a real spike from businesses wishing to update their digital platforms. Also, they focused on using influencers and SEO to reach new audiences. There are no more excuses: it has a lot to do with the digital strategy of your business.


Digital marketing during COVID-19 requires empathy and connection

The goal of getting closer to the customer with the networks is a way to reach and interact with them. Besides, digital marketing during COVID-19 leads us to spend more time at home. Moreover, there’s an increase in email marketing to maintain contact with customers. That allows businesses to offer both promotions and information. For instance, in online sales, some companies opted for strategies to encourage consumption. The initial message focuses on offer solutions and expressing empathy. So, take the time to design a roadmap that analyzes the impact of the coronavirus in the Digital Marketing Plan. 


The crisis is an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Also, you can create new products and services and plan for the future. Shakespeare, Munch, and Boccaccio created some of their best works during a quarantine. Keep your inspiration alive! Besides, confinement makes our imagination flies. Take advantage of this moment to meet your business essence. These will allow your ideas to flow in creative ways.


digital marketing during covid 19

Digital marketing during COVID-19: Where will the investment go?

Digital marketing during COVID-19 has revealed the investment will be online commerce. It will extend beyond an e-commerce page and impact the pre-sale and post-sale process. Also, social networks, content marketing, and CRM will be relevant investment aspects.


But, the market is experiencing an alteration due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Companies will have to face increased competition without losing brand reputation issues. Likewise, they must identify possible new services to meet the needs of consumers.


The coronavirus crisis makes it clear to bring products closer to digital media. Also, the companies that have carried out good management will have taken a big step in this crisis. For many, it will have meant total immersion in digital commerce. And, for others, the opening of an essential digitization process. To clarify, companies will also need digital professionals. Digital transformation generates an increase in the demand for professionals in this field. Consider this type of employee in your company. It will help you keep your brand alive in the virtual and digital world.


Don’t let your business slow down because of a health emergency. But, this situation is an opportunity to grow in the digital world. In the face of a crisis, the most important thing is to build customer loyalty. So, they find the solution to their problems in your business.


Does COVID-19 change digital marketing rules? Let us know your opinion in the comments. Come and visit our website and find out how we can help your digital entrepreneurship. We invite you to exercise your bilingual skills to read this same article in Spanish by clicking here.

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