2022 essential checklist for your website and Social Media accounts – 8 things you don’t want to miss

2022 essential checklist

2021 is practically history. It’s over! (“finally!” many will say). That’s why there’s no need to anticipate a 2022 essential checklist for your website and social networks. And you know that the world of digital marketing does not wait, much less now when the reality continues to consolidate with hints of post-pandemic. 


In We Will Figure It Out, we know that planning is essential for your brand or venture into the digital ecosystem. In addition, 2022 generates a unique expectation because it means a mitigation of the pandemic and a massive reactivation of the global industry. So, any effort to increase or level up your sales as it was before the Covid-19 onslaught is more than necessary. 


Let’s take a look at the following 2022 essential checklist and your brand or business doesn’t fall behind: 

1) Prepare a mass email list to ring in
the new year to your customers. It is
relevant to your essential checklist in 2022

We start this 2022 essential checklist by preparing messages to greet the new year. These are some of the fundamental elements for any brand or business. That is, your venture cannot ignore email marketing because it forges strong relationships with your audience. You know this during the hard part of the pandemic, remember?


Moreover, when you try to connect with your audience on the emotional level that the new year evokes, you are cementing your customer loyalty. Besides, how much have you struggled with this contact list? Do you remember the strategies, actions, successes, and failures you have gone through to get to have an optimal database? In other words, it is time to behave more than well with your contacts because not every interaction with them should be to sell.


2) Update pricing and contact information
if necessary. Make sure to correct
it on your Social Networks as well

2022 essential checklist

Although it seems obvious, don’t forget to inform your users about the new price list of your products or services. Likewise, the 2022 essential checklist should comprise all kinds of updates on your social networks. That is: 

  • Your profile picture.
  • Your description should clarify whether you are going to offer new products or services
  • If they are going to open new physical points of sale
  • The update of catalogs or photographs
  • If they include new email addresses to attend to procedures such as technical support or consultancy.
  • Their incursion into other social networks 
  • Payment facilities in each social network.


3) Updating copyright on your website is high on your essential 2022 checklist

2022 is just around the corner, and your brand needs updates and changes to your website. One of those changes that won’t wait is updating the date next to your copyright. It goes both in the footer of your landing pages and on the copyright page itself.

On the other hand, updating the copyright on your website is fundamental because it protects your rights as the owner of:

  • The contents
  • Logos
  • Images
  • Videos 
  • And anything else that may be on your site.

This action is high on your 2022 essential checklist because it builds trust with the visitors by presenting accurate and current information.

4. Welcome your audience to the
new year on your social networks

Just as you took the time to prepare your New Year’s mass email messages, your social media is no exception. On your 2022 essential checklist, you should schedule the messages you post on the eve and first days of the new year. 


Keep in mind that these efforts go with all the actions that seek to build customer loyalty. They are also strategic resources to increase your leads and engage your brand with quality and support for your users. 


5. Update or change your
passwords at least once a year

You have to update everything related to the copyright of your website. Also, you have to do the same with passwords in your digital ecosystem. That is to say, with the rise of crimes such as ransomware or “data kidnapping,” account cloning, and hacking, among others, this action is more than mandatory. Remind and insist your webmaster about this as fundamental in your 2022 essential checklist.


6. Evaluate the results of your 2021
in your essential checklist in 2022

Your 2022 essential checklist should contain an account of what you were supposed to do in 2021. It will also cover what should be a priority in 2022, such as:

  • Diversify what you’re going to post on your social networks. 
  • Attract more followers on social media to expand the reach of your brand or business.
  • Intensify interaction with your audience to strengthen your connection with them.
  • Follow the people who follow your brand, especially if their bios indicate a link to your target demographic.
  • Decide which platforms are most worth using. That is, whether or not they are necessary for your brand. 
  • Review your 2021 website and social media metrics. Use them to see what content worked well. 
  • Optimize what already works and resonates with your audience. 
  • Experiment with new content ideas on the platforms that work best for you.


7. Plan your publications for
the beginning of the year

Anticipation is the keyword in your 2022 essential checklist. As a result, you will be able to see all the updates you are going to share. In other words, you will have control and make it possible with:

  • To create a social media posting calendar. It will make it easier for your posts to be diverse enough in given periods. 
  • Make sure that the calendar goes with your 2022 editorial calendar on other platforms.
  • Try to upload new header images on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch. Make sure they relate to your brand and communicate your business mission.
  • Post new posts on Twitter and Facebook. This way, you can grab attention with the first post someone sees when they find your profile. In addition, you could promote your blog posts or a call to action to capture leads.


8. Set clear goals for 2022

Your 2022 essential checklist ends (for now) with defining goals that you can meet. In other words, your digital marketing plan must have a solid social media plan around the events you schedule or participate in. In that way, you will align with the engagement of your users. So, they will strengthen your brand and loyalty towards it. 


On the other hand, another objective for 2022 related to your social networks is to update your database. That is, with new customers and potential customers who have some interaction with your business. As a result, they will be able to share and amplify your messages. 


Similarly, strengthening your presence on new platforms or social networks is the commitment to content creation. It will allow you to share knowledge, fun, event reviews, and anything else that increases your social marketing.


Finally, another clear objective for your marketing plan in 2022 is to follow up before, during, and after:

  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Publications
  • Product or service launches
  • Customer interactions 


Do you have another contribution to what would be your 2022 essential checklist? Please let us know in the comments section. It will be helpful. 

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