8 Instagram post ideas to increase engagement from your followers

Instagram post ideas
Instagram is one of the most popular media platforms with over one billion monthly users. That represents a big opportunity for businesses and marketers. That’s why we show you 8 Instagram post ideas to increase engagement from your followers. In fact, it’s not a simple social media platform anymore. But also a place for people that allows us:
  • Discover new products.
  • Connect with their favorite brands.
  • Shopping.
  • To connect with their prospective customers.
But, there is a lot of competition on the platform and it’s challenging to stand out. That’s why we have curated this list of some Instagram post ideas that can help your online business.

Instagram post ideas you must consider

85% of major brands have already invested in Instagram, the social network of the moment. Since Facebook acquired it, Instagram has gone from 80 to have more than 400 million active users. And they daily publish 800 million images and generate 1.2 billion likes. So, its success is because visual content is the king of social networks.
That’s why every day more and more users access networks through their smartphones. That’s to say, Instagram is a mobile network and every time have less time. So, we are looking for content that is quicker and more immediate to consume. As a result, our online business needs more and more Instagram post ideas. Let’s check some options to increase engagement from your followers.

1) Choose your favorite, one of the great Instagram post ideas

Instagram is a social network where brands are giving free rein to creativity. It’s important to try to surprise the user with the content. And how to do that? with careful photos, original videos, or copies that attract attention. And, of course, engage from the first moment. The text that accompanies your publications or images can become your greatest ally.


One of the most frequent tactics to get comments on Instagram is to pose a “battle” or vote to the user. That’s to say, they have to choose their favorite option between two or more products. It’s not always easy to get a comment from the audience, so make it easy for them. Identify each option with an emoji. This way, the user will have less effort to comment. Moreover, he or she will find it funny and your publication will get many emoticons.


2) Generates expectations

If you design Instagram post ideas, keep in mind to generate realistic expectations. In other words, you can create buzz around upcoming products, services, or events. Besides, by creating a ‘murmur’ you can show a picture without revealing too much about it. And, you can ask your viewers to guess what it could be.
Instagram post ideas
This will also have the added advantage of getting more comments on your Instagram post. You can also use these strategies to give a sneak peek of an upcoming brand launch event. As a result, get more people to attend it.

3) Perform fun Instagram Reels

Many brands don’t use enough videos on their social media channels. But they’re usually don’t post enough videos on Instagram. That’s why video is, nowadays, one of the most important Instagram post ideas. And using more of it in your profile feed will help your business stand out. So, what types of videos you produce is up to you. Above all, you can share product or service videos, brand storytelling videos, vlogs, or even Q&As.
Remember: video may become even more relevant after the release of Instagram Reels. With that, you can produce videos up to 15 seconds long. Also, you can add audio, effects, and other attention-grabbing details. Then share them on your feed or through the Explore tab. The results can surprise you.

4) Sweepstakes to generate engagement on Instagram

Sweepstakes are the Instagram post ideas that can help you to increase engagement. With this kind of action, you will ensure that users interact with your publications. Besides, they’re leaving a good number of comments. And contribute to improving your results.
Besides, to encourage participation, we tell you to choose an attractive prize. All according to the effort users must make to take part. In short, read on to learn about the sweepstakes dynamics that work best. As a result, you can get more engagement on Instagram.

5) Run flash sales in your Instagram Stories

Instagram post ideas in Stories can be short-lived. After all, they disappear after 24 hours on the air. Your business can take advantage of this by using Stories for flash sales. In the retail world, flash sales can range from anticipated to surprising. Either way, they’re short and drive a customer to buy, so they don’t miss out on the chance. This type of post is ideal for:
* Limited stock products
* Giveaways
* Quick discount on something you don’t usually discount.
It surprises the consumer and makes them want to go through your Stories more often. Particularly if you offer another flash sale. Make flash sales marketing strategies. And you’ll see an increase in engagement.

6) Listen to your followers

Interacting with users will likely increase engagement on Instagram. But you must take care of that relationship… Knowing your audience and their needs will contribute to join the relationship. And, often turn a follower into a customer.

Instagram post ideas

To do this, we recommend you check what is being said about your brand. This way, you will be able to know what is being said, improve in every way, and expect a possible online crisis.


7) Infallible publications

It’s one of the best strategies when you think about Instagram post ideas. For example, famous phrases, international or world days. And don’t forget original and creative photos… These are samples of publications that never fail. Some phrases touch the soul and days for everything (dog day, music day, rainy day…).


So, take the opportunity to create content of this type and get better results. With a marketing calendar, you won’t miss any important day!


8) Create your own image

Try to use the same type of images for your publications. So, your followers will recognize you at first sight. Although this is not usually an easy task, you will define your style better. Also, you can find an excellent template for Instagram post ideas.
Any more suggestions about Instagram post ideas? Please, let us know. If you want to read this same article in Spanish, go and click here.

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