Avoid Instagram mistakes – your followers will thank you

avoid instagram mistakes


Avoid Instagram mistakes? Let us help you with how to evade them. Above all, Instagram is an essential platform for most social media marketing strategies. We share a fast checklist of things in this social network that you will find useful:

  • Make sure your account settings are not Private.
  • Complete the biography of your profile:
  • also includes a description and a link (call to action).
  • Don’t copy the content of other profiles
  • Use the #hashtags: more than 11 and less than 30. Be specific, descriptive, and relevant.
  • Be sure to take an investment of time and hard work to be effective on this platform.


So, ready to start your path through best practices in Instagram?


Avoid Instagram mistakes: some actions to evade

First of all: please do not buy followers. Try to avoid Instagram mistakes like this. If you buy fans is probably you will end up with a vast audience, but with these characteristics:

  • Zero-interest: an audience with profiles of little or no interest in your brand or project.
  • Zero commitment: an audience that does not contribute likes, does not comment and is not specialized.


After all, instead of buying followers on Instagram, try to set achievable goals. Then, create a good strategy for your brand or project. And, further, use tactics like creating valuable content. In conclusion: do not link with profiles with a lack of interest for your brand or project. As appropriate, avoid this kind of Instagram mistake!


Ignore numbers

To take advantage of the full potential of Instagram, pay attention to the numbers. And, as in any learning process, trial and error. For example, we will find out what is the best publication time for your photos and videos. Also, you need to avoid Instagram mistakes by checking the analytics of this network. So, pay attention to:

  • Your followers, growth, and decrease.
  • An engagement. Check which and when your content receives the most likes and comments.
  • The #hashtags, try various.
  • The number of clicks your bio link receives.
  • The mentions.
  • The frequency of publication.
  • The demographics of your audience.


You know: you should keep an eye on your brand’s statistics in this social network. The details that will allow you to reach more potential customers depend on this.


Avoid Instagram mistakes with a gentle approach

avoid instagram mistakes

Don’t be over promotional because on Instagram. You have to keep the interest of your followers. Moreover, avoid Instagram mistakes as saturating your profile with images of your products. After that, try to convey the values of your brand or product by creating engaging content doing these things: 

  • Use all the elements that are within your reach, like events, clients, news.
  • Build trust: respond to your messages, share photos from third parties. Also, project a consistent message about your brand to others.
  • Take care of the image of your brand or project.


Besides, people are exposing to hundreds of pictures a day. So, they tend to remember what they feel when viewing certain content. Take care!


Don’t post photos without text

If you want to boost the engagement, don’t leave your pictures without a text. There is an Instagram mistake you have to avoid. Writing on Instagram is useful for these reasons:

  • The best content is the one that you and your followers like to read. Also, it is educational because it provides information, emotions, and data of interest.
  • Through an image and careful writing, you can connect and generate reciprocity. It has the power to create emotional responses in your audience.
  • Social networks show how the evocation of certain emotions. So, it can increase the possibility that shares a message.
  • Be persuasive with call-to-action sentences. It invites customers to buy or at least ask about products or services.


Thus, an Instagram mistake to avoid is long texts. In other words, a consistent and descriptive text is enough. Also, to include links in bio to attract clicks and drive traffic to your website.


avoid instagram mistakes

Avoid Instagram mistakes, for example, poor images

Never duplicate and not editing pictures and images! A set of photos in your profile is the image you project towards others as a brand, as a project, or as a person. For instance, poor editing and quality in pictures or videos are mistakes you try to avoid on Instagram. Be professional.


A good presentation by editing the photos and videos not only gives you credibility but can also increase the interaction on your profile. To achieve this, look at the image as a unit and also as part of a whole. Try to find a balance, a visual style, and create harmony between colors, branding, etc.


In this regard, marketer and digital entrepreneur, Neil Patel, warns about photoduplication: “once in a while, there might be a good reason to re-post a photo or video that you’ve shared with your followers before. But don’t make this a habit.”


Don’t ignore your community

The foundation principle of any social network is the construction of a community. A common mistake to avoid on Instagram is to consider unidirectional communication. But, this is of little use to post information on social media if you do not aim to build meaningful relationships. We recommend you:

  • Follow other users relevant to your project or brand.
  • Respond to the comments and questions of your audience every day.
  • Share content from other users. Requesting permission in advance is also a perfect way to start a conversation.
  • Publish information about your events, and invite your community to attend.
  • Ask and answer questions.


If you avoid these kinds of mistakes, you will realize the potential of this social network. These practices offer your business to connect with your community. Go ahead!


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