Effective Tik Tok Marketing


Effective Tik Tok Marketing


Effective Tik Tok Marketing strategy for companies requires content planning. Besides, you must establish what type of videos you have to upload. Also, what tactics you are going to put in place to engage your audience. So, is Tik Tok for funny videos? Not necessary. In other words, Tik Tok works like user-generated content. Thus, you try to get your community involved with your brand to generate their content.


Remember, this social network is not enough for passive audiences. First of all, typical corporate videos have no place on TikTok. Instead, you must focus on very creative and fun content, depending on the message you want to send as a company. For example, you can upload videos showing the human team. You can also create quick and practical tutorials on how to use your products. In Tik Tok Marketing, the key is that you manage to involve your community in one way or another.


Challenges, the heart of Tik Tok marketing

In an effective Tik Tok marketing strategy, the challenges are one of the most viral contents. Design a challenge that is easy for users to do, and that gives them enough fun. An influencer is one of the best options to increase the range of the challenge. In this case, a ‘tiktoker’ with an audience like your buyer persona. Although these types of actions are expensive, the benefits obtained are also stimulating.


Effective Tik Tok marketingOne of the characteristics of multimedia content is quality. In Tik Tok, this panorama is quite different. While the aesthetics of the content are relevant, what Tik Tok’s audience values are fun. For instance, most viral videos are usually dances or dubbing. In other words, authenticity stands out over quality.


3 ways brands can develop an effective Tik Tok marketing

According to Influencer MarketingHub, there are three ways for effective Tik Tok Marketing:
  1. Creating an own channel and upload relevant videos
  2. Working with influencers to spread content to a broader audience
  3. Advertising on TikTok.
Even though it’s very early days for Tik Tok advertising, it may become more popular and well-known over time. Many brands running their channels and working with ‘tiktokers’ to reach bigger audiences.

Also, you must consider hashtags are a valuable tool for effective Tik Tok Marketing. These allow you to discover and create communities around the same common point. Even if your market is international, you can create a hashtag for your brand in another language.


Some bits of advice for an effective Tik Tok marketing

  • If you design a challenge, ask your employees to be the first users to complete that challenge. And upload it to the platform. With a particular hashtag, they identify that specific challenge. And, also relating all the people who publish content about the same challenge.
  • It’s also significant that you take advantage of other hashtags and position them on different topics. To do this, visit the Discover and Trending sections, the best for effective Tik Tok Marketing. Even hashtags will help you join other challenges, and you can reach a wider audience.


Effective Tik Tok MarketingTik Tok Ads, advertising for companies

Like effective Tik Tok Marketing, advertising in Tik Tok for business can help you a lot to speed up results. But, as it is a platform that is booming, the advertising costs are somewhat high. The average price per thousand (CPM) on TikTok is $ 10. To create an advertising campaign, you have five formats for TikTok Ads:
  • In-feed (biddable ads or native ads)
  • Brand takeover
  • Hashtag challenge
  • Branded lenses
  • Top-view video


And as with all social media campaigns, you have to measure the engagement of the content on TikTok. You get this KPI with the following formula: [(number of likes + number of comments) / number of followers] x 100. By knowing the engagement rates, you can develop effective Tik Tok Marketing. It also connects you even more with your audience.


In conclusion, as Jeff Previte, Content Manager at Blueleadz Inbound Agency, says, the ROI on TikTok will be fan awareness and engagement, rather than sales/direct revenue. He also adds the app will help you to reach a younger demographic like no other social platform. So, it’s your turn to take advantage of Tik Tok. Don’t ruin it!


Any suggestions for an effective Tik Tok Marketing strategy? Share with us and take a look at what we got for you.

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