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Although there are guidelines for an effective dialogue, communication it’s always dynamic. We are sure of that because of what we have published connecting with our customers or community. Look at the efforts from digital marketing about Latinex communications strategies. That’s to say, the way to refer to those people of Latin American descent detaching ourselves from the concepts of the male and female gender.


In “Connecting with the Latinex generation in five steps,” we explained how to reach them through nostalgia. Also, stories and social networks. Now we want to go further and delve into how to continue reaching out in a meaningful way because we understand Latinex communications according to the relevance of the messages. In other words, to go beyond a work of translations from one language to another. It’s about “the sensitivity of the cultural nuances, and the richness of the Latino community”.*


But the design of communications plans for Latinex should achieve the most memorable possible impact. For example, developing approaches that combine:

  • Strategic content and media planning.
  • Establish a “digital amplification” mediated by interactions with online users.
  • Determining a series of relationships with influencers and commercial or social events.

Let’s see how publications and influencer outreach reinforce the commitment to diversity.


Inclusion is the key in Latinex communications

Whether from your company or institution, communications for Latinex have to know their habits. Especially with media and the digital ecosystem. That’s to say it must analyze:

  • What are the media that Latinx consume?
  • What types of communication channels are most used
  • The most relevant contents


Think of your venture or community work as an effort to strengthen communication, for instance, between you and the Latinx community. Also, consider inclusive objectives or strategies. That is, inspire people to get involved and give equal access to information*. In short, engage with your Latinex followers in their language. However, do not forget the promotion of diversity and equity.


Again: keep inclusion in mind from a careful choice of communication channels. These will help you to communicate your messages or campaigns. Also, always think about translating relevant content for Latinex. In summary, with the increase of Latinex participation, you can strengthen inclusive messages. Let’s see how Latinex communications highlight what we value.


Latinex communications are the basis of strengthening values

The first task for your business or organization should be to understand the unique values of the Latinex audience. That’s the key to business and social marketing strategies for the Latinx community. Although marketers focus on family and traditions, for the latinex this is not the only thing.


In the implementation of communications strategies for Latinex, cultural identity┬áis fundamental. But here comes a rather complex issue, and that is to “take the time to find the nuances within the different subcultures.” In this regard, Carlos Diaz, co-founder of Music Audience Exchange, states that “for many organizations, diversity will be a work in progress.” In other words, “when we move towards a more inclusive workforce, we also move closer to our customers.” It’s nothing more than making your brand or purpose relevant to your Latinex audience by understanding:

  • Their consumption habits and evaluating that data.
  • Knowing their incidence in the work environment from the trades they perform.
  • Their participation in commercial and city events
  • Identify their spokespersons through influencers, artists, or opinion leaders.


Now let’s conclude with what your team should do to engage your Latinex audience.


Understand Latinex diversity and experiences

To develop a course of action for a Latinex communications plan the teamwork is essential. This group of people must thoroughly understand the diversity of the Latinex experience. That is, not just Spanish-speaking or Latino collaborators. Here come into play professionals who know how to reach those Latinex from aspects such as:

  • Their cultural diversity
  • Gender ideology
  • Their inherited traditions
  • The exploration of images, videos, and music that reflect a distinctive Latino experience or value.


Remember that language, while still important, is not everything. That is, you must focus on how the stories that make up the Latinex from their diversity. And the way to connect them to your purposes. Identify those “stories that viewers can connect with on a personal level.” A good communications team must know how to tell those stories. It must also identify your target audience to uncover similar familiar experiences. That makes them unique. Besides, it includes them within a community that contributes and makes them great.

In conclusion, communications for Latinex must obey a macro plan in which the use of new information technologies is vital. It’s not only because of what the studies state about the extended use of mobile devices by the Latinx. It is also because these devices are reaching them in a personalized way to their tastes and needs. However, even with the ‘new normal, you should not leave aside face-to-face attendance. That is to say, the events that bet for the inclusion of the Latinex.


Latinex as a diverse, inclusive, and fundamental whole for businesses and social organizations

Communications for Latinex go beyond seeing them as a crucial part of your audience. They are the niche because of their growing economic and social insertion in the current life of the United States. They are the fastest-growing population group in community and market decisions. As a result, they demand in-depth knowledge of what defines them today. It’s a joint work of language, traditions, and habits that contribute to the growth of their communities.

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