Marketing for Latinos in 2022 – The importance of multicultural marketing

marketing for latinos in 2022

You live in the United States, and you have a business. You may have made some investment in advertising for your products or services. But have you ever wondered if it is necessary to think about marketing for Latinos in 2022? And no, it’s not about being bilingual to translate copy or social media posts. It’s about understanding your environment and taking into account the growth of the Hispanic community in the business world.


On the other hand, there is the area of multiculturalism. In other words, those customs and habits that distinguish population groups and are the key to know how to reach them. It is fundamental in marketing plans aimed at Latinos because they are not a homogeneous group. In other words, touching Colombian customers will never be the same as reaching Costa Ricans or Argentines. So, this will talk about in this article: how to incorporate multicultural analysis into our sales strategies.


The challenge of marketing for Latinos in 2022 is an understanding of multicultural phenomena

We are practically in the final stretch of 2021, and it is inevitable to think about what the next year will bring. So, much of the challenge for marketing managers is to allocate budgets for brands and projects. However, these efforts are made complex by consumer behavior, media choices, and demographic shifts.


These phenomena related to consumer quirks it is overlooked. In other words, resources for marketing strategies become outdated plans with a few adjustments that will not suffice. It is becoming increasingly evident and affects small and large entrepreneurs alike. But the key is to discover a widening gap. That’s to say, allocation of most of the resources and the origin of multicultural changes.


It is where marketing for Latinos in 2022 is fundamental. However, most startups seem to be unaware of this. As Forbes columnist Isaac Mizrahi puts it:

Most organizations have underinvested in this segment’s core targets (Hispanic, black and AAPI consumers), and the gap between business relevance and intentional investments is only widening.


Some considerations that invite planning
strategies in marketing for Latinos in 2022

Marketing for Latinos in 2022 should not wait. In other words, look at the data provided by Nielsen about industry investment in Spanish-language advertising in 2020. For instance, in 2020, the loan was 5.9%, even though the Hispanic segment is almost 20% of the country’s population. This percentage describes the largest and most influential ethnic minority in the U.S. In addition, 70% of this population has a high affinity for what Hispanic culture represents, for example, the unusual consumption of Spanish-language media and nostalgia for their roots.


The above is just a preamble to what Latino consumers signify as a fast-growing segment. It seems that not many brands have figured this out, and even less so now that we are in the midst of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Let this be the opportunity to let you know that the Hispanic market, nearly 61 million people, are the main driving force in the U.S. economy. So, your brand should establish cultural ties with this population, which also has growing purchasing power.


Marketing for Latinos in 2022


The invitation then is that you dare to discover the opportunity in these multicultural expressions of Latinos. That is to say, that your marketing efforts go beyond the conventional and stereotypes. In this way, you will not limit yourself to reach these consumers: you will connect with them.


These are some marketing strategies
to connect with Hispanic customers

Let’s look at more eye-opening numbers for a change. For example, did you know that the U.S. Hispanic population accounts for more than half of the country’s population growth over the last 20 years? So, if your business doesn’t start developing strategies in marketing for Latinos in 2022, you’re missing a golden opportunity. 


The website Entravision presents some marketing tips for the Hispanic community that you should keep in mind. They condense aspects that represent the complexity of the Latino audience. For example, the quality of messages because they preferred platforms and the differentiation of each Hispanic population. Let’s see what it’s all about.


Start as soon as possible

The development of strategies in marketing for Latinos in 2022 should start now. Why? Because Hispanics in the U.S. are the highest spending minority group in the country. In addition, after the adverse effects of the pandemic on the national economy, Hispanics are more optimistic about the future.  They were even more willing to save than other adults over the age of 18.  


Use digital marketing to reach
Hispanics on their favorite platforms

The Covid-19 pandemic made it clear that digital platforms are here to stay. That’s why a strategy in marketing for Latinos in 2022 must consider that this audience increased their time in front of mobile device screens in a staggering way. That is to say, the sum of virtual activities plus the time spent on social networks. As a result, the Latinos took better advantage of it. 

Acculturation proves that not all Latinos are the same

The ability to assimilate the culture and customs of a foreign place is known as acculturation. This process is not often taken into account by companies when they want to reach out to Hispanic audiences. That is, they assume that populations ranging from Mexico to Argentina are virtually the same. Although Latinos in the U.S. share some values and tastes, their level of assimilation varies greatly. It is where strategies in marketing for Latinos in 2022 delve into the differences that veteran and newer immigrants have.


Beware of stereotypes and language preferences

The Latino population changes a lot depending on the area in which they have settled. In other words, some areas have Latino communities that are predominantly Mexican-American but, others may have populations composed primarily of Nicaraguans. As a result, the approach with this audience should take the time to get to know and understand them. This way you can communicate with them more effectively.


On the other hand, marketing for Latinos in 2022 does not stop at simply translating messages or campaigns. Factors such as age, education level, and attachment to certain customs come into play here. In short, it is a matter of knowing the contexts of each community.


In conclusion, multicultural marketing applied to the Hispanic market is not based on the same message for similar products. It requires study, affinity, and adaptation to their contexts and form of appropriation of American values and culture. From there, strategies in marketing for Latinos in 2022 impact them according to their tastes and needs.


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