Some Christmas marketing tips for 2021 because you deserve a Happy New Year 2022!

Christmas marketing tips for 2021

It’s December, that is, Christmas is here! At We Will Figure It Out, we take this opportunity to give you some Christmas marketing tips for 2021. And as we know that this time we face the challenge of economic recovery, nothing more adequate than reaching more users with your products and services.


Your brand and business must keep in mind that these are very relevant dates for people*. In other words, it is not just another way to close the year and move on to a new stage. It is also a time to share with family or loved ones. That is why gifts are the protagonists of the season. In other words, there is no more appropriate custom than giving and receiving gifts that remind us of the affection towards those we love. In this way, Christmas marketing becomes fundamental for brands and companies.


On the other hand, Christmas has proven to be the perfect time of the year to attract old and new customers. So, it can even create greater awareness of your brand, as long as it responds to the values that this season exalts and identifies with them.


Based on the above, let’s delve a little deeper into some Christmas marketing tips for 2021. These will pave the way for a happy start to 2022.


Attracting new customers and positioning
your business is what should drive the
marketing tips for Christmas in 2021

Christmas marketing tips for 2021

One of the Christmas marketing tips for 2021 that should be a priority for your brand or business is to define your purposes. For example, if you need to see a growth in sales of your products or services at this time, describe your SMART objectives. Remember that they are :

  • S, for specific
  • M, for measurable
  • A, for achievable
  • R, for relevant
  • T, time to achieve them


In addition, try to be more active on social media and partner, if possible, with an influencer. It can improve conversion rates in your online store. However, if there is one thing you should prioritize in holiday marketing is the optimization of your content. That is, your marketing strategy in the days leading up to Christmas must be in constant connection with your users.


Likewise, if you want that connection with your customers to maintain for loyalty or lead acquisition purposes, keep in mind the calls to action (CTA). Consequently, these CTAs must be in tune with the season. As a result, they will inspire a meaningful purchase. In other words, it should go beyond the purchase of a product but reflect that affection for someone special.


Remember that the holiday season heightens sensitivity to those who are most important to us. Therefore, what you are going to give as a gift should reflect those values that you transmit. Let’s see more Christmas marketing tips for 2021.


December is when you should have
your online store more than ready

2020 is a year that marked a before and after in the global dynamics of the brands. And we still have the emotional and economic aftermath of that impact! In addition, there was a shift in the transformation of consumer habits. Online shopping had and still has a prominence never seen before.


Therefore, one of the Christmas marketing tips for 2021 that also becomes a priority is to keep your online store up to date. Consequently, a constantly updated online store continues to position it as the favorite shopping channel. In this regard, the firm Deloitte, quoted by Hubspot*, states the online store is the choice for Christmas shopping. “Its offer is much wider and customers because they find both offers and low prices,” they say.


On the other hand, your brand’s online store or e-commerce must offer an increasingly better experience to your users. For this to happen, an update is necessary, and the information must be accurate. But the most important thing is that it has as much as possible:

  • Technical support
  • Possibility of customer support through a chatbot.
  • Agility and sense of opportunity when offering your products or services.


E-mail marketing also plays a leading role
in the Christmas marketing tips for 2021


Christmas marketing tips for 2021

An e-mail marketing campaign designed for the Christmas season is more than necessary at this time. In other words, taking advantage of the potential of e-mail marketing is another of the lessons learned from the pandemic. And Christmas themes are no stranger to this. Therefore, if you are going to promote your best Christmas offers, you must create something that impacts your customers.


E-mail marketing is one of the Christmas marketing tips for 2021 should focus on B2C and B2B strategies. Let’s see why:

  • For B2B or Business to Business. That is to say, companies that market their products or services to other companies. Here you could send a short text e-mail to wish happy holidays to subscribers to your brand or business website. As a result, you can interact with your regular and potential customers and show their appreciation and trust for your company.
  • For B2C (Business to Consumer), or in other words, the mass consumer market. In this modality, e-mail marketing works by companies that offer products or services to clients in a personalized way. Similarly, B2C marketing with the support of e-mail marketing is responsible for highlighting the personal benefits that products or services bring to consumers.


Christmas e-mail marketing for SMEs and businesses

If you are in charge of an SME or a business, your e-mail marketing campaign may vary. One of the Christmas marketing tips for 2021 that we share with you is to create a campaign that suggests gift ideas or shares catalogs.


You could also send discount codes or coupons to your regular customers for great gifts. This way, you can guarantee their commitment to your brand. In short, any suggestion or shopping guide that you offer to your users helps to increase conversions in your online store or website.


In conclusion, in the digital field, there are many more marketing tips for Christmas in 2021. Of course, you should not forget SEO on your websites, content creation for social networks, and SEM for your paid advertising on Google. Do you have other Christmas marketing tips for 2021 that you want to share with us? We invite you to do so in the comments section.

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