Some holiday marketing 2021 tips that you should keep in mind

holiday marketing 2021

As we head into the last quarter of the year, you need to think about some holiday marketing 2021 tips. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, you should start planning for these dates. Usually, the previous year is a reference for this but, you have to fix many details because of the changing pandemic conditions.

On the one hand, it is worth analyzing the performance of marketing strategies on dates such as Black Friday, Amazon Retail, and Cyber Mondays. That is, you can evaluate if something worked or what didn’t for your brand. However, get prepared for a much increase in traffic than usual because many conventional businesses will close their doors for those days. 

Holiday marketing 2021 serves to drive sales above and beyond the usual. Retailers have been aware of this for many years and are experts at it. So it’s time to translate that expertise from ‘analog marketing’ to digital marketing for your brand or business. Let’s see how to do it to get the most out of the final stretch of 2021.

Holiday marketing 2021 prepares us for more traffic to our website

One of the activities that holiday marketing 2021 prioritizes is supply chain optimization* m. That is, being ready for a higher than usual increase in demand and visits to our website. As we said before, many retailers advertised for Thanksgiving, which facilitates digital commerce traffic. In addition, it is good that you take advantage of the variables of product or service flow during these dates. In other words, get ahead with the availability of inventory to supply that need that at some point monopolizes traditional commerce. 

On the other hand, the traffic growth to all kinds of websites to purchase products and services. It was indisputable during the pandemic in which we witnessed a drastic change towards e-commerce. Likewise, e-commerce stabilized as many users sought other face-to-face experiences. As a result, we see statistics like these:

  • 14% of U.S. shoppers say they will not shop in-store this holiday season.
  • As physical store shopping resurfaces, digital commerce gains traction. More than 70% of respondents surveyed by Google and Dynata said that, before shopping, they visit online stores first. 

In short, you must be prepared for that ‘mix’ of online inquiries and shopping in physical retail outlets. Firstly, savvy shoppers wait for promotions to compare what brands and retailers are offering. It will allow them to make their purchase decision regardless of whether it is online or in-person. Then, the second thing should be to advertise offers on your website that are likely to convert or increase leads. We will go more in-depth about holiday marketing 2021 on this aspect below.

Experiences, content, and special dates marketing optimization

Once visitors to your website see the special holiday offers, the next thing is to price them. These should allocate them according to the stock of products. Also, they meet the demand for the duration of the promotion. This way, you will have the guideline for the segmentation of your consumers to generate recognition and increase conversions of your business. 

Once you are clear about the average profile of your customers, the strategy for holiday marketing 2021 focuses on a good experience for them. That is, when they enter your website, they should find tips and tricks to have a good time there. For example, if you sell sporting goods, your store can produce content for their care during the winter. Consequently, this would provide your customers with complete information and motivate them to buy more of these items.

Good user experiences also depend on satisfying their needs. Thus, understanding the delivery needs of the products or services they request is essential to:

  • Optimize their experience with your brand or business.
  • Improve your sales margins, conversions, and leads.

It is also possible if you keep your buyers informed about the unique qualities of your products or services. This way, you minimize more and more any possibility of doubt in the decision to buy. However, here we are, involved in creating and optimizing content holiday marketing 2021. Read on to see what it’s all about.

Never stop optimizing your content

Your strategy for holiday marketing 2021 must be in constant connection with your customers. To do this, you must appeal to significant calls to action that inspire them to purchase with a meaning that transcends their simple desire to buy. You should also update your posts for upcoming holidays. 

In addition, content optimization goes hand in hand with a mobile-friendly experience. Keep in mind that online shopping on mobile devices is on the rise, so what you publish and how you facilitate the purchase of your products is transcendental. Also, do not forget that the affection part during special dates. It is essential because it increases loyalty to your brand, and you can attract new users. 

In conclusion, the mix of technical and content optimization at all levels is vital in holiday marketing 2021. The sense of opportunity, connecting with your audience according to their seasonal needs, and renewing their engagement with your brand are priorities.

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