Twitter to launch paid subscription plan

Twitter paid subscription

Social networks have become a phenomenon of immediate communication of anything. It is also undeniable the relevance they have in the world of digital marketing. For example, when brand positioning campaigns using hashtags about a special event. Now comes the turn of innovations in the microblogging social network par excellence… And that is Twitter’s paid subscription is going to be a reality.


Twitter spokespersons announced it. They are preparing the launch of a paid subscription for its users called “Twitter Blue”. This means Twitter users will have the opportunity to access exclusive functions. For instance, collections and the possibility of undoing tweets. The cost of the subscription would be $2.99 per month and has more features. And this we will see below.


More about Twitter paid subscription

Also to be able to undo the sending of tweets, Twitter Blue will have a time window*. That’s to say, for the tweeter to delete a tweet after its publication. Although this had already been implemented. That was what the network expert Jane Manchun Wong said. Especially about the application code of this network. But, Wong drew attention to other new features unique to Twitter’s paid subscription. For example, ‘collections’ so that users can save. And organize their favorite tweets and read them later.


About the option to cancel the sending of a tweet, Wong explained:

“This feature will be useful if we ever miss a typo in our message, or if we regret a tweet posted too quick.” The social media expert also added that the time to cancel a post could be adjustable. In other words, this option is like Gmail’s option to cancel sending an email a few seconds after sending it.


Twitter paid subscription

Another of the options that Twitter Blue will offer is the option to sort the tweets. Or “collect” them. Collections” are one of the most sought-after features by tweeters. That is, it will be possible to save favorite tweets in different folders. For example, as we can do on networks like Facebook or Instagram. In the same vein, they said there would be several subscription modes. In this way, the most expensive one would offer greater reading comfort. All this by eliminating advertisements. But there is still more about Twitter’s paid subscription. Let’s continue to find out what the paid Twitter subscription brings.


A lot of speculation about Twitter paid subscription

The removed ads leave a blanket of doubt among users. First, this skepticism lies in the fact of paying a subscription to cancel these tweets. That is because they could already be deleted for free. Moreover, other social networks already offer almost the same in free versions. As if that were not enough, Twitter has not yet implemented the function of being able to edit a tweet. And about the Twitter paid subscription this option is not yet contemplated.


To clarify, Wong indicates that some details such as the name, price, or benefits are still under study. In other words, they are not final and could evolve before the launch of Twitter Blue. But speculation continues. And, despite a large number of announcements about its new products, nothing it’s clear yet. But neither are they denying it… 


During the last few weeks, Twitter made several announcements of new features. For example:

  • Updating its warnings for tweets that may be offensive.
  • Improving its algorithm for cropping photos. So that larger images are fully displayed in the tweeters’ timeline.
  • Making it easier for Android users to search for their direct messages.
  • The implementation of a Tip Jar feature for tweeters to donate to content creators. This also applies to journalists, experts, and non-profit organizations. Although the latter raised some concerns about the handling of user data privacy.

Let’s end then with what we expect about Twitter’s paid subscription.


So what can we expect from Twitter’s innovations?

It’s hard to make “predictions” about the future of a social network. Especially when it’s so secretive about making comments. And Twitter paid subscription and its innovations are in the realm of speculation. Added to this is the acquisition of the Scroll service by the bluebird network.


According to, this service is part of a Twitter paid subscription unit. These would end the ads of the websites that appear in the tweeter’s feed. It was also reported that Nuzzel would be closed with this move. That is a service of Scroll. And they sent daily summaries via e-mail to users about their topics of interest.



The announcement about the Twitter paid subscription coincides with its earnings report. In the first quarter of 2021, this social network had earnings of $68 million on a revenue base of over $1 billion. In this way, they claimed to have a 20% increase in daily active users who monetize their content. So, we are awaiting what would be this attempt to personalize the content of this network. But, what would be more important, if it would bring relevant benefits to the tweeters. And if they would make this investment.


Do you put your interest in a Twitter paid subscription? Would this help your business? Do you think it is an advantage when creating content? Let us know what you think. We also invite you to read the Spanish version of this article by clicking here.


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