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developing bilingual marketing
The current sales landscape bring new challenges, such as developing bilingual marketing. That’s why in We Will Figure It Out, we are aware of this, both for our services and our content. That’s why we deliver many articles in which developing bilingual marketing is fundamental. That is to say, knowing how to reach your clients in English and Spanish is practically no longer an option. Now it has become almost an obligation.

As Canadian psycholinguist, Frank Smith establishes: one language puts you in the corridor of life. Two languages open every door along the way. In a nutshell, this is what happens in the field of digital marketing. Moreover, a command of English and Spanish makes it easier for us to gain knowledge through globalization and the Internet.


And now that entrepreneurship is gaining so much relevance, developing bilingual marketing is vital for it. As a result, it allows you to attract new clients or reach those multilingual households rising in the U.S. On the other hand, with a fluent command of English and Spanish, you will be able to perform in any academic and corporate event. It will allow you to network and project yourself as a future reference in your area of expertise.


Keep in mind that if your clients speak other languages, this implies, at the very least, a bilingual commitment. Likewise, this means that you should be able to communicate with them in their language, both on social networks and in direct contact with them. Let’s see how approaching a bilingual landscape will bring you closer to the benefits of marketing tools for your business.


Developing bilingual marketing brings
you closer to reinventing your business

As a marketing professional, you should take advantage of the tools provided by social networks* to work or make yourself known. It is not the time to stop participating in English or Spanish-speaking communities and lose the opportunity to expand your search for potential customers.


Developing bilingual marketing enhances the way we communicate. It is also an indicator of who we are and the communities to which we belong. That’s why marketers must talk in the languages of their target audience. And this is what you should consider when planning your business strategies.


On the other hand, developing marketing campaigns that connect with audiences in more than one language means going beyond a hasty translation. So, you have to build a bilingual campaign from scratch. It’s, what you might call, a matter of ‘reinvention,’ and if you’re Hispanic, you’ll know why. You know, with English you can access a lot of specialized marketing information not available in Spanish. On the other hand, if you are American and have no idea how to communicate in Spanish, you will not understand what so many studies reflect about their buying habits linked to their traditions.


Above all, developing bilingual marketing is relevant to your audience. In other words, as Mark Brownlee puts it: if you are trying to reach an audience but are not willing to communicate with them on their terms, your campaign may not be effective.


Developing bilingual marketing means thinking in more than one language

To grow your business, you must think in more than one language. It is vital to connect your efforts in the way you want. So, to encourage you, we remind you that since the last 20 years, the purchasing power of Hispanics in the U.S. continues to increase. A clear example of the need for developing bilingual marketing is the growth of Hispanic influence. So, you as an advertiser must take full advantage of this.


For the U.S. entrepreneur, a basic knowledge of Spanish is paramount. While focusing on the dominant language is a must, learning the language of an ever-growing community is beneficial. In other words, think of it this way: your proficiency in that second language will be a competitive advantage that will help your sales grow.


There are many positive aspects of developing bilingual marketing. For example, by setting goals with language proficiency, you will position yourself as a benchmark in your industry. In addition, you will know how to interpret various idiosyncrasies beyond a simple literal translation. In other words, creating a campaign in more than one language will become a tactical issue. As a result, this will impact your users in various ways, mainly if you publish ads online or on social networks.


In general terms, the development of bilingual marketing involves decisions such as:

  • Segmentation of campaigns
  • Creation of simultaneous campaigns in each language
  • Budgeting for the above actions


Let’s take a look at other advantages of bilingualism in your business marketing. In addition to taking a step forward in the growth of your sales, you will be able to launch products and services you had not thought of before.


Improve your English and Spanish
to connect with your customers

One of the purposes of developing bilingual marketing is to establish a close relationship with customers and affiliates. In other words, you should talk to your target audience in a personal way, understanding their needs. Additionally, you should publish and send them identifiable material. In this way, you get closer to your customers and create an immediate connection.


By knowing the language of your users, you can exploit the power of bilingual content on social networks. Likewise, every social media platform has algorithms in which language plays a fundamental role. For example, ranking and connectivity factors helping the formation of communities of users who share interests. As a result, by presenting content in English and Spanish, the businesses can enter a large number of communities. In addition, it will increase your brand recognition along the way.


In conclusion, developing bilingual marketing invites you to contact your users in their language. It also invites you to understand their culture and be part of your success by connecting with their interests.

If you want to develop your bilingual skills, read this article in Spanish.

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