Car sales marketing tips for 2021

car sales marketing
Covid-19 pandemic has taught us something: it’s this matter of reinventing ourselves. And in the marketing world, we have had to be recursive. The case of automobile sales is not far behind. So much so that the dynamics of the automotive sector changed completely. That is to say, from the offer of the type of vehicles in the dealerships as well as in their commercialization. This leads us to this opportunity to talk about some car sales marketing tips for 2021.

Rethinking car sales marketing in 2021

The automotive industry, like other sectors, had to put in place actions to guarantee its work. For example, they had to buy biosecurity equipment. Also, train their employees and intervene in worksites to turn them into safe zones. Besides, dealers were almost forced to launch microsites to ease the remote sale of cars. And all because of government campaigns to stay at home to prevent contagions.
With so much speculation, it’s risky to make any kind of forecast. And some optimistic projections are being made about the increase in sales. But everything will continue to depend on how the health situation evolves. Though this uncertainty has also led to the promotion of some trends in car sales marketing in 2021. Let’s take a look at these tips that should be taken into account by those who sell vehicles.

E-commerce evolves hand in hand with car sales marketing

It didn’t take a pandemic for online commerce to evolve in the automotive sector. This was already happening in digital marketing’s products and services sector. However, there is no doubt that Covid-19 did speed up the online sales process. In this regard, Ford de Mexico’s sales and marketing director, Lucien Pinto*, adds:
car sales marketing
Previously, digital had been underestimated by the industry. But in the midst of the pandemic, we are facing the challenge of incorporating virtual tools.  For example, some dealerships have implemented 360 virtual showroom experiences. In other words, potential customers can walk through the showroom. Or have an augmented reality experience while they talk with a sales consultant via Zoom. In this way, buyers have the opportunity to schedule online test drives at home. After-sales service also preyed on this opportunity to schedule car maintenance online. In short, e-commerce is here to stay and to continue reinventing itself.

Optimize the experience of regular and potential customers.

This goes beyond the popular premise of “the customer is always right”. So, increase car sales must improve the experience your customers go through. That is, pay special attention to the creation of a sales funnel. Because that appeals to their interest and guides them as it should be.
The idea is when they enter your website looking for a specific vehicle, they are likely to end up in your blog. That’s to say, your blog should have internal links that take your audience to the car pages. In this way, they could customize the vehicle they want to choose forms of financing for their buy. It would also be ideal to think about developing an application. Because that facilitates customer experiences. For example, virtual and in-person tests. Also, the FAQ section and access to after-sales services.
This type of car sales marketing motivates customers more because it adds value to the car. In short, as long as they can customize the car to their tastes and interests, they begin to feel that it is theirs.

We need more digital marketers

Many jobs have been lost from 2020 to so far in 2021. The automotive sector was no stranger to this and the drop in sales shows it. Therefore, car sales are expected to be able to recover a percentage of these jobs in the rest of this year. That is, according to the evolution of the need for more employees in online sales.
“When you don’t have the possibility of seeing the vehicle, the ability to communicate well with the salesperson plays a fundamental role”. That’s what Lucien Pinto explains. So, those who remain in this business have to focus their skills on the digital realm. They should even be trained in call center skills to attend, remotely, to the concerns of their customers… Or close sales.
car sales marketing
On other hand, your company should follow up on those who have left their data on your website or social network. Then, based on the reason why they have contacted you. So, you channel them and focus on what has to do with products or services. This is a car sales marketing tip based on what we know as leads. That is people who leave their data on a digital platform. Because they want a vehicle or extra service.

Generate immediate interest with paid ads

The mix of content marketing and online marketing training is not always enough. This is where paid digital advertising comes in. Because it’s designed to generate quick results. For example, via social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, or on Google search pages. That is, the above and other platforms where paid ads have a small footprint that leads buyers to act. This is possible through small changes in headlines, calls to action, and videos. In short, every option can influence the outcome of the ads.
But, paid advertising guarantees reach to larger audiences. And all based on specific targeting. Because effective ads aimed at persuading more potential customers. In other words, Google has more than 240 million unique visitors in the United States alone. With this base, clients can search:
  • Paid ads
  • Display advertising
  • Paid advertising on social networks, which includes full targeting and vehicle-specific advertising


Online advertising is a very useful tool in car sales marketing. It offers excellent market analysis tools and provides continuous information. Both on the performance and results of the ads. In conclusion, it gives you data that facilitates strategies that you can improve as you go along.
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