Content marketing for startups growth and how it can help

content marketing for startups growth
Content marketing for startups growth: One of the most complex tasks is to generate ideas. Especially that help to differentiates your brand or product. Also, to build loyalty among followers on social networks. And, as if that were not enough, to stand out from your competition. Well, that’s what we are going to talk about in this post: best practices for content marketing for startups growth.
So, we are going to mention some content marketing strategies for startups growth. WWFIO recommends them to you as we have applied them and they work. As a result, you will be able to give a positive spin to your content. And keep surprising with your business or online platform. Here we go.
According to the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B companies were using content marketing.


Strategies for content marketing for startups growth: Where to start?

Creating a content marketing strategy helps your startup to improve the results. Particularly when it comes to your online project. So, a solid strategy and consistency will be fundamental to achieve tangible results.
Strategies for content marketing startups growth have to consider two directions:
  • To get potential customers
  • Keep the ones you already have
That’s why these strategies are the most effective in the digital ecosystem. Besides, content marketing is not only about creating and distributing quality content. But, to be efficient, you have to have a before thought out and worked strategy. So, strategic planning is one of the key aspects where you must emphasize.

Even if someone tells you so, there is no standard or magic recipe to put in place in all business models. Because each company is unique, with a different vision and particular needs. That’s why we share with you some content marketing strategies. All with the aim of offering your startup a general vision, so that you can then adapt it to your reality.

1. Strategies for content marketing for startups growth: Product, service, or brand positioning

Strategies for content marketing startups growth. So, take note!  Well-defined brand identity and product or service positioning will help your business. That’s to say, provide your target audience with a consistent and quality experience. As well as build the right image for your company through all online and offline channels.
content marketing for startups growth
It’s time for questions! Answering them will help you brainstorm your true position in your target market:
*What kind of experience do I want to provide?
*Who are my customers, active and potential?
*Why should they choose my product?
*What is my brand, product, or service value proposition?
*How are my main competitors working their brand?
*What are the market situation and competitive landscape in my industry?
“Of the businesses without content strategies, the ones that do manage to find success often do so as a matter of luck since they don’t have any idea of what works and what doesn’tWithout a written strategy, there is no way to measure your results and you risk all your marketing efforts going to waste.”
(Stefanski, Ron: Content Marketing for Startups That’ll Help Your Company Grow, 2021)


2. Value proposition

First of all, establish a value proposition. And then, activate your brand as a trusted content generator. In other words, think about … What differential value do your publications bring to your target audience? And, why should they follow and interact with you on your social networks?
Most importantly, research your audience to identify:
  • The type of information
  • Sources
  • Topics of interest or preference
  • Analyze the content strategies of your competitors. As a result, identify and assess your editorial niche.
Certainly, don’t focus on your competitors. To clarify, broaden the range of study. And investigate other content generators such as:
  • Online magazines
  • Blogs in your segment
  • Influencers’ video channels, etc.

Here let us insist, we will not tire of repeating it, this does not mean that you have to copy what your competition does. Because it would be throwing away your credibility. And the goal is to improve the strategies for content marketing startups growth.


3. Business situation and status, keys for strategies for content marketing startups growth

First of all, your business needs to attract, engage, keep and convert. By applying content marketing you can go one step further and grow in customers. So, you have to give them digital content of value. They are waiting for it, they are the backbone of your business.
content marketing for startups growth
But, stop being indifferent. That’s to say: How much more time are you going to waste? So, structure a comprehensive content plan. And do it according to your business objectives to share and interact.
To sum up, document the process and results. Because a real business state will help you better understand:
  • The advantages and benefits
  • Costs
  • And, what are the risks of implementing this type of strategy in your startup?

4. Strategic plan

A strategic plan for startups should focus on precise objectives. That’s to say, how the sequence of steps will be and how they will be achieved. So, put a sheet of paper on your desk and start defining who you want to reach with your resources, time, and efforts. How will you distribute the content? Also, how will you check and measure the results?

5. Define your buyer persona

If you identify your buyer persona, you will be able to know:


  • The main characteristics
  • Needs
  • Tastes
  • Interests
  • And preferences of your target customer
In that way you can develop an appropriate content and social media plan to connect with them. Besides, it will help if you research and answer these questions related to your customer:
  • First, what age strata do they have?
  • Second, what geographic locations are they located in?
  • Third, what is their professional situation?
  • Fourth, what social network do they browse with most frequence?


In conclusion, it’s likely that your target audience is on one or two social networks and not all them. For example, if you’re looking to provide professional services to other companies. Moreover, it’s only right that you use a LinkedIn strategy. And if your client is a millennial, focus on Instagram and/or Facebook.


If you want to practice your bilingual skills, please click here to read this same article in Spanish. Also, let us know your other strategies for content marketing startups growth in the comments section.

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