Do you know how to use memes for marketing? Learn how to be a trendsetter

memes for marketing


If you are one of those who use social networks as a working tool for your business, you must have at least seen a meme. But do you know how to use memes for marketing? It’s time to get up to speed because they are unavoidable and valuable. In other words, memes conquering the world* and have an enviable propagation capacity in social networks. In addition, they set trends and connect with the concerns of new and potential customers.


On the other hand, memes reflect cultural aspects. That’s to say they are comical and ideal for the promotion of products and services. In short, they are an option for creating content with great public attraction. Likewise, they are a kind of radiography of what is happening, in the best style of an editorial cartoon.


Memes transcend the digital ecosystem. That is, they are not limited to trends and manage to interact with business and society significantly. In this way, memes on different platforms are easily viralized. It’s where your business should focus its attention because they help improve your online presence and generate traffic to your website.


Let’s see, then, more about the scope of memes for marketing and how to articulate them to the commercial objectives of your business.


Memes for marketing are
versatile and captivate audiences


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One of the advantages of memes for marketing is their versatility. It is enough to see how easy it is to apply them due to the wide range of moments they represent. Besides, there are no strict rules for their use, although there are some tips to take advantage of their potential.


The use of memes in marketing must be present in your sales and promotion strategies. The sense of humor that they project is the key to connect. Also, allow your audience to fall in love with them. Even with the advancement of digital marketing dynamics, it implies that you dedicate more to your social networks. In other words, it’s a matter of creating an impression and continuing to produce an impact to make that competitive difference that will make you stand out.


Some history and characteristics of memes for marketing


The definition of the term ‘meme’* dates back to 1976 when the British Richard Dawkins associated it with a kind of cultural gene transmitted from generation to generation using three characteristics:

  1. Conservation of fidelity. It implies that even if you can replicate the meme many times, it’s easy to identify.
  2. Fecundity. It serves to know the number of times the meme was published.
  3. Longevity. Determines the lifespan of the meme, for instance, the time it will spend in the users’ memory.

If you’re still wondering whether memes for marketing are necessary, it seems that you haven’t learned anything so far. But don’t worry, we want you to know that they are because the mix of memes and marketing will make the strategy for your venture have greater reach. For example, with the use of humor, memes strengthen the community of your followers. That is to say, creating a sense of belonging because your audience relates to the situation they are referring to. Plus, everyone shares and laughs (or at least enjoys) the same joke.


Like Julia Enthoven explains in her article How to Use Memes: A Guide for Marketers:

“As long as you can make your followers laugh, you will attract many more, and they will connect with your brand. It’s possible if the meme includes a catchy or absurd tune. This way, you improve your brand recall”.


Below we will give you more reasons why memes for marketing are necessary for your brand positioning strategy.


More reasons for you to use
memes in marketing strategies

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Memes for marketing must consider some aspects to work well, just like all elements in a commercial strategy. That is, it’s not about producing memes just for the sake of it. The goal is that you address the purposes of your brand with worthy, funny, and creative memes. But the most important thing is that they have the essence of your business.



Know your audience

In the same vein, your public assimilates memes as a way to receive reliable and engaging information. That is why by knowing as much as you can about your viewers, you will know what kind of memes you will share with them and on which platforms you will do it. For example, creating memes for Facebook is not the same as creating memes for Twitter or Instagram. That is to say, some networks are more informative, and others have a more positive or socializing tone.



Memes are not expensive

On the other hand, in terms of budget, memes are inexpensive. They are usually content created by other people, so you don’t need to create an original video or photo. In short, they save you the time you need for the production of original content. But when you use them, give them your personal touch with other titles or a twist on the situation.



Memes for marketing reinforce the authenticity of your brand

When using memes for marketing, make sure they are authentic and not too conservative. When you use cutting-edge content, you reinforce your brand’s personality. In other words, you differentiate your business from others that are ‘bland.’


However, many memes become divisive and don’t catch everyone’s attention. But, this is an advantage because they support your products or services in your target audience. Therefore, by refining the tone of your memes, you will also determine your audience through aspects such as:

  • The content your customer consumes.
  • The music, TV series, or celebrities they identify with
  • Topics that entertain them
  • The type of common problems or concerns they have

Once you know what topics move the interest of your followers, the next thing to do is to act with easily identifiable jokes. Also, you have to react quickly and timely when commenting on relevant fads and trends. As a result, you will be engaging with your target customers to connect with them.


Tell us: have you used memes for marketing in your business? What results have you had? Please share your experience in the comments section. Remember, if you want to read this same article in Spanish, click here.


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