Does the length of your blog matter in 2020?

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Does the length of your blog matter in 2020? Short or long blog articles? Yes, it matters and it depends on your interest-based SEO optimization and user engagement. For example, resources, trends, and selling are fundamental for the length of your blog. But, in one way or another, we all want everybody reading and viralizing our blog. Because we need visits, comments, and shares with SEO posts. And if we manage to position the article among the first results of the search engines, the feeling is great. Is it so, or not?


Having visits to a blog can make our company known and position us as experts in the sector. In the medium and long term, this positioning will turn into potential clients. But, to get results according to the length of your blog, you must know some secrets that search engines hide. The ideal theme, the density of keywords, or the extension of the writing, are keys to lead us to the top positions. Like marketing guru Neil Patel says: “word count is not a standalone ranking factor. Word count only has merit if the content quality is high!”



The length of your blog is still relevant, no matter what

Do long written publications have more opportunities to rank in Google Search Engine? If it’s mixed with tons of quality, sure it is! In 2020 the length of the articles on your blog it’s a matter of similar factors as in previous years. According to HubSpot data, the average length of most-read blogs post in 2019 was 2,164 words. The study also foregrounds the following SEO best practices items in blog’s width in 2020:

  • Proper backlinking
  • Attempting to capture Google’s featured snippet
  • Adding alt-text
  • Going after the right keywords
  • Achieving domain and topic authority
  • Incorporating media-rich content in your post body (videos, social media embeds, etc.)
    (How Long Should Blog Post be in 2020? [New Data]., 2020)


The only advantage of long articles is not only that. Yet, when writing long posts, you are likely to cover several related topics. Thus, you could be able to position yourself in Google with “long-tail” keywords. The goal is to make the audience use them to carry out their searches.


Strive to write long and valuable texts

Length of your blog


“If you want to create a piece of content that can really boost your SEO and user engagement, you may want to consider dedicating some extra time to creating quality, long-form content of 1,000+ words. Less frequent posts with stronger context will win the SEO game.”
(What is the ideal blog post length for SEO?, Jan 2020)


For the length of your blog, for example, in a post of more than 2,500 words, you will avoid keyword stuffing. This malicious SEO technique consists of using too many keywords within a text. To clarify, it’s an “over-optimization” practice that years ago could give results but now is penalized by search engines. Also, writing long posts will allow you to position yourself better. To sum up, try to avoid non-recommended SEO practices. For example, keyword stuffing and to spot your corporate blog for more than one topic at the same time.


The length of your blog is a problem when you’re not good at writing?

Not all businesses have the necessary resources, or experts with writing skills, to devote the attention they deserve to blog articles. In those cases, the ideal length of your blog is that exceed 300 words and, if possible, that reach 1,000. That’s how Yoast explains it on his blog, the WordPress plugin that helps you improve the positioning of your website. In this way, you will give the search engines enough material so that they understand the subject you mentioned.


Short or long posts, not really matters, but always well written, please!

length of your blog 2Again: it’s relevant to write the articles well and structure them correctly. Otherwise, readers will not finish reading them, nor will they be shared or viralized. In short, we will have made an effort to write a quality post that no one will read later.


For that reason, never forget to build your posts well, write clearly and, and create short paragraphs. The user will thank you infinitely! The length of your blog is only one of the factors that influence the positioning of a post, but there are many other tricks to write a blog article and promote SEO.


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