Google’s July 2021 core algorithm update is here

google core algorithm update
After more than half a year of relative calm in the search engine landscape, changes are coming. For example, last July saw the arrival of the Google core algorithm update. That’s to say corresponds to the second part of a process* that began at the beginning of June, known as core update. Although Google spokespersons claim that most websites will not notice these updates.
Firstly, the update will focus on algorithm changes to avoid spam on websites. As a second aspect, the update seeks to improve eCommerce about the Page Experience Update. In other words, this update will play a fundamental role in the Core Web Vitals, essential in SEO strategies. Although, at least in the short and medium-term, website traffic will neither increase nor decrease. But, and due to the Covid – 19, Google warned of its update. So that you can adjust your site and your traffic will not suffer. Let’s continue to see what it’s about this topic.

Page Experience, the Google core algorithm update

What is the Page Experience update? How to be ready for it? According to Google, this Google core algorithm update is about how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. In other words, “optimizing this factor makes the web more enjoyable for visitors across all web browsers and platforms.” It also allows “sites to evolve towards the expectations of users on mobile devices.” In short, this will help business success on the web as users become more engaged. Also, so that they can make transactions with fewer delays. It is, in a nutshell, looking at how “usable” your website is and what it offers.


This Google core algorithm update ensures that sites that rank at the top of searches do not create experiences that annoy users. As a result, we can think that when we see websites in the top spots, it’s according to this update, so reward them. Therefore, they are user-friendly and, at the same time, represent a change in SEO strategy related to the technical. So, in the medium and long term, tries to make your website grow as big brands have done. In other words, your website should become a big brand, and as such, Google will rank it higher. Read on to understand this.

The importance of the Google core algorithm update

The Google core algorithm update ensures the sites that users like the most rank higher on search pages. However, this goes beyond that and seeks to go with the criteria for brand queries. Thats’ to say, the number of visitors who search for your brand on Google and click on your website. It impacts website rankings and goes hand in hand with increasing SEO traffic.


But the challenge with this update is the sites looking to be like great brands. And as digital marketing guru Neil Patel states, “most sites don’t have great brands, and Google knows it.” Therefore, if you don’t have one like that, this search engine can’t rank it yet. So, during the algorithm update, what Google does is adapt it. This way shows the sites that are more user-friendly first. So take note because the trend is that the future updates will focus on visitor experiences.


So what to do to work with this update?

What you need to do, from now on, is to know how to work with the Google core algorithm update. That’s why Google, as it has done before, gives a series of tips to discover if an update could affect your site. For example, Google spokespersons stated that with the creation of new websites, the web changes. In the same vein, it favors the appearance of these updates. In this way, Google wants to ensure the following:

  • Offer support to a wide range of publishers, creators, and businesses.
  • Provide search engines with the best information available.



However, each algorithm update means that your website will get better or worse for this search engine. Therefore, if you know that Google makes these updates, check if any change in your site had to do with its ranking algorithm.


Another lesson from this Google core algorithm update is to review the results on search pages. This way, you will be able to understand “the ranking changes and why it affected the sites that lost positions.” For example, updates often change the way Google understands the meaning of queries. They also allow different sites to move up in ranking by adjusting to these algorithms. Similarly, they allow a new understanding of what users are looking for when they do a specific search.


Don’t expect to believe that everything is wrong with your website

However, don’t always believe that your site has lost rankings because they did something wrong. It’s an outdated way of studying or putting into context what prompted an update. In this case, if your website went through a change that affected its performance for Google, you should:

  • Search outside of your site to try to understand what might have changed.
  • Go back to your site to see if you can get more information.
  • Install any SEO actions. In that way, you deem it necessary to improve the usability of your users’ experience.


Have you already experienced any changes to your website due to the Google core algorithm update? We would like to know your experience if so to learn more about Google’s new features.

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