Hiring a Social Media Agency? 4 Things that you can do to boost your sales

Hiring a social media agency
In the eagerness to increase sales, you likely thought of hiring a social media agency. And situations such as the current pandemic and the economic recovery need marketing efforts. So, to cut to the chase: hiring a social media agency is your step 1. However, you also need to take other steps to convert for more sales. Today we would like to share with you 4 things that you can do to also boost your sales.

1. Hiring a social media agency that helps you to have a welcome process in place for new clients

For any company or business today it is important to have a presence on the Internet. This way you start to have contact with consumers. And this is one of the main objectives of hiring a Social Media agency.
But this is not limited to the digital world. For entrepreneurs, closing new customers is a very exciting experience. This point is reached by investing time, money, and energy. It also comes with proposals, negotiating, and building trust between both parties.
Hiring a social media agency
So, it’s important to follow a proper welcome process with your clients. Doing it properly makes it easier for both parties. In the same vein, you can start the work without problems. Also, it’s the first step to further collaboration in the future. This is where hiring a social media agency plays a key role. Let’s see why.

Hiring a social media agency can help you to keep informed new customers

The process of welcoming your customers gives all the tools to work together. Also, provides them all the information that will allow having an excellent relationship.
During the welcoming process, your business must provide your customers:
  • The necessary knowledge
  • The tools they will use to be a good customer.
So, your company will receive the necessary knowledge and tools to be a good business partner.
In short, you should take into account what Jack Welch recommends, former GE CEO:
“Keep in mind that client onboarding is not lead generation. It starts when a lead has agreed to become a client for your business.”

2. Send appointment reminders

Hiring a social media agency helps you with a good appointment reminder practice. If you offer services you depend on your clientele showing up for meetings. When clients don’t show up, it can affect the ability of any service business to succeed.
According to messagemedia.com, “no show appointments are, in no uncertain terms, costly.” For example, most companies average 10-15% no-shows. But often this number can reach almost 80%. Industries like healthcare are the most affected by these issues. And this kind of impact on their profits could be fatal.
Missing work appointments will never be a minor issue. These types of no-shows affect your company in other areas such as:
  • Employee productivity. So what do they do when a customer doesn’t show up?
  • Customer return
  • Effectiveness of commercial strategies
  • Business growth
Don’t underestimate the simple SMS text message reminder. Because it’s a viable solution for any business. Also helps to increase your customers’ attendance levels for upcoming appointments. With extra automation, you save time, ensure customer happiness. Plus you’ll get better results.

Personalize your appointment reminders… Hiring a social media agency

Consult with a social media agency on how to tailor your text messages to make them personal. To clarify, when it comes to appointment reminders. And you should consider this because an impersonal message can have adverse results. For example, it can reduce engagement. It can also express a negative or threatening tone. Even your clients may believe you don’t have an interest in long-term relationships.
Hiring a social media agency it will also allow you to establish best practices. For example, add automated personalization to your messages on your website. It’s also important that you choose the appropriate tone for your reminders. That is, be friendly, but professional. Define what’s right for your business and try a few message tones until you get it right.

3. Follow up with previous clients

It’s usual that in the hustle and bustle of work to solve the urgent, we forget what is important. And it would be good if when hiring a social media agency they could give us a hand with the follow-up of old clients. In this regard, marketing consultant, Ian Brodie, states:
“Reconnecting with old clients can be your very best source of new business and referrals.”
Among his recommendations, Brodie stresses that we must reconnect with them without shame. In other words, instead of waiting until the last minute when you need a favor. So, let’s start reconnecting with former customers now before you get hopeless. That’s when the social media agency should come in to help you strengthen that relationship. That way, when you need a favor, you’ve capitalized enough on the relationship you want to resume.

4. Send messages with general tips to stay relevant

Staying relevant with your customers through valuable messaging is a never-ending task. Also, keep in touch with your customer base covers a variety of techniques in which you must ask yourself:
  • Do I send a lot of messages daily, weekly?
  • Am I sending messages to my most engaged customers?
  • Do I send the same messages to everyone?
  • Do I offer my customers choices about how often they want to receive your messages? What kind of messages do they receive from me?
  • Do I take the trouble to delete e-mail addresses that are not interested in my services?
You must understand that not all your recipients are the same. It’s also up to you to interact with each one of your audiences in the right way.

Be careful with e-mails

But, in the case of emails, there are steps you can take to increase the relevance of your messages. For example:
  • Let your customers or subscribers opt-out of receiving some specific types of emails. Many times daily offers, newsletters, and/or notifications are tiring. Make this process easy and intuitive.
  • Respect your recipients’ preferences. It’s better to send them a weekly or monthly digest than to combine many daily emails into one. Likewise, if your customers only ask for newsletters, respect that configuration.
  • Send your customers relevant and expected messages. That is, only send them the emails they opted in to receive. In other words, don’t incorporate too much marketing content in newsletters. Because you could have the opposite effect than expected.
  • And finally, be clear about who is sending the email. Be consistent about the origin, response, and subject line.
Do you have more suggestions about hiring a social media agency? Any ideas to boost your sales through good relationships with your clients? Let us know in the comment section. And, like always, read this post in Spanish by clicking here.

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