Hispanic Heritage Month: Hispanic Influence in the US

Hispanic Heritage Month: Hispanic Influence in the US


Why is so relevant Hispanic influence in the US in business? Let’s take a look. Every year, since 1968, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15 to October 15. During this celebration, our country celebrates the contributions of citizens whose ancestors came from Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean.


Hispanic influence in the US is extensively known as a reference in any initiative of emergent businesses. For instance, mobile marketing is one of the most effective ways to get advertising. Most of the Hispanic population, especially young people, broadly use mobile cellphones. For this reason, being able to impact them is an effective way to get close to a desirable consumer sector.


By 2021 there will be more than 40 million Spanish speakers in the US. It’s a large segment of consumers for brands not to pay the necessary attention. So, your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to dedicate a good part of your marketing to the Hispanic public.


Hispanic Heritage Month is a reason to consider content marketing for Latinos in the US

Impacting US Hispanic consumers is a challenge, as we don’t all have the same profile. Some of us were born here and our parents are Hispanic. Others came from different countries in Latin America. Likewise, some of us speak English or Spanish as our first language. Others are bilingual. That’s why Hispanic influence in the US is the reason companies invest in marketing for Latinos.



hispanic influence in the US

Hispanic influence in US businesses

A deeper understanding of the Hispanic audience and its characteristics is imperative. The Hispanic consumer in the US has a high use of the smartphone. For example, the approximate time of this audience browsing on a mobile device is 658 minutes per month. The average time by the general audience is 510 minutes per month. Hence the effectiveness of mobile advertising is impacting this segment.

If we focus on millennials, the largest generation in the country, brands should be aware that 25% of them are Hispanic. To clarify, studies show that 77% of Hispanic millennials are receptive to advertising on mobiles. That’s a rate much higher than that of the general population. Another fact to consider when trying to impact this generational niche.


The Hispanic influence in the US grows every day

Hispanics are in most of the current American events. However, some companies in the US are wondering in what language they address their customers when they are part of the Hispanic community. As always, there is no general rule of thumb that answers that question.

According to Hispanics in the US Fast Facts, an estimated 23.1 million Spanish speakers also speak English “very well.” An additional 6.8 million reported they speak English “well.” To sum up, the numbers don’t lie and there is no excuse for not targeting the Hispanic market.

hispanic influence in the US



Bilingual Latinos have the possibility of consuming content in both languages

Although, according to Nielsen data, 75% of us continue to speak Spanish at home. So, how to deal with this dilemma then? The answer in these cases has to do, above all, with emotions and preferences.


When Hispanics in the US search the web for a typical recipe from Latin America, they usually do it in Spanish. But if they need information about American football, the trend will be in English. Many investigations about Hispanic influence in the US have shown: the Spanish language reaches the heart of Latin people if it uses correctly.



Not all Hispanic people speak the same

Each country in Latin America, even if it speaks the same language, has its dialects. Also have different meanings for the same words, ways of pronouncing it, etc. All this varies depending on your Hispanic heritage and culture. So, the goal of the Hispanic influence in the US is to influence the consumer to buy your product. Above all, you have something so valuable to achieve it, such as language or technology.


For example, the cellphone, and the data information of the places they frequent the most or what are your tastes. Why not use all this and create comprehensive content for this audience in the United States? Hispanic influence in the US deserves intelligent marketing strategies. As a result, you have a lot of homework to do.


Some facts about Hispanics influence in the US

If you want to reach some part of the Hispanic market in the US, just keep in mind the following data:

  • The Hispanic population makes up 15% of the total population.
  • Hispanics are the fastest-growing ethnic minority group.
  • There are approximately 45 million Hispanics that reside in the United States.
  • In California, Hispanics make up 44% of the total population.
  • In Miami, Florida, they make up 65% of the city’s total population.
  • We can observe the linguistic Hispanic influence in the names of many southwestern cities of our country. Some examples include El Paso, Laredo, and San Antonio, Texas, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, California. (Taken from Sparkenthusiasm.com)
  • In 2015 Hispanics controlled $1.3 trillion in buying power. It’s larger than the GDP of Australia or Spain.
  • During the last five years, the increase is more than twice the 76% growth in non-Hispanic buying power.
  • The US Hispanic power of buying continuing this trend, reaching $1.7 trillion by 2020. According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth.


In conclusion, the Hispanics expect to continue showing growth, reaching 24% of the population by 2040 and 29% by 2060. They will drive the majority of all U.S. future growth for the foreseeable future. It’s an encouraging picture, isn’t it?


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