How to write an article for SEO (part I)

how to write an article for SEO
Strategic copywriting to position your content in search engines, like Google, is better known as SEO copywriting. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the application of copywriting strategies to achieve visibility in Google search pages. It also applies to all types of content writing that seek to position themselves on the internet. That is why today we answer this question: ? That is in line with the objectives of your business.
Like any project, you need to define a set of objectives. In this case, you can base your plan on the objectives of web copywriting*. They will give you the guideline to communicate what you need to make known about your company. The goals of SEO copywriting that will ease the strategy of creating written content are:
  • To inform
  • The way to attract
  • To educate
  • How to entertain
  • To inspire


These objectives interact with each other and are not isolated moments when writing. That is, they behave as a flow in which one is a consequence of the other. Let’s see how to write an article for SEO based on what these aims say.


How to write an article for SEO based on specific objectives

how to write an article for seo

When we talk about to inform, we need to gather up-to-date data on what’s happening in our industry. It should come as no surprise that you need to be up to date on everything that impacts your brand. Also, you have to consider how you’re going to talk about those updates. In particular by what your business produces. That involves extensive research on the web, especially in the way people write about your industry. It will give you insights to set you apart from your competition.


How to write an article for SEO also implies that you can attract your audience. That is, it’s not enough to produce a constant flow of information that must also have some appeal. You can base it on news, launches, and promotions of your products or services. You can also have great content if you find stories behind what you offer.


Your written content must educate. This is important for strategic writing for the web that values this benefit. What you should achieve is that your articles guide your followers on a particular topic. In other words, with what your brand or venture does or is going to do.


SEO strategy for online copywriting should entertain. The writing of articles based on entertainment allows readers to stay longer on your web. It also generates trust. You should not confuse fun with being a “clown.” Try to have a balance in this goal.


Finally, you should inspire. These contents are ideal because they create empathy with your company. They even motivate your readers to be part of that conversation or be part of an action.


If you have doubts about how to write an article for SEO, check the brief well

Before referring to the techniques of SEO copywriting, you must be clear about the brief. In other words, understand in its entirety what you want and must communicate about a topic of your brand. According to Adventures*:
“The brief is the document that contains the information used to carry out a marketing and advertising project required by a client.”


At this point, we must pause. Why? Because the fact that you have a brand or a business does not imply that you have the time to create content. However, you must have the time to know what you are going to communicate. That’s where the importance of the brief lies. That’s to say, whoever writes will have the guide to know what to write. Besides, you will have clarity from the SEO of how you are going to write your article.


On the other hand, the brief is the key in content creation marketing. It gives the guideline to whoever handles SEO copywriting, also the requirements of the topic. An example of this is knowing how the reader talks about what you produce or offer. Here it is also a matter of checking which articles in blogs or landing pages are talking about the same topic. With this starting point, you will be able to create much more complete or original content. It is possible with a mind map, vital when it comes to writing an article for SEO.


Create a mind map before SEO copywriting

How to write an article for SEO using a mind map? Firstly, the brief should provide you the main keyword for the development of the article. With this resource, you proceed to make a shortlist of secondary ideas. This list will be your route to research and goes deeper into what the article should refer to specifically.


Once you have found the information, you will order it with the inverted pyramid method. In that way, you will be able to make the necessary associations giving to what you need to write. Besides, you will answer your readers’ possible doubts just as the written news does. So, you start with the relevant information until you reach the vital data. And in this path, there is a cross-flow of the keyword supported by the secondary ideas.


These are the aspects that you should take into account before SEO copywriting. In the upcoming blog, we will see how to write an article for SEO from its more technical aspects. For example, the times the keyword appears. Likewise, other attributes allow its visibility in search engines. We will also discuss some strategies that will make this valuable for your clients.

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