Marketing for medical practice: what you should be aware of

marketing for medical practice

Marketing for medical practice is not talked about as much as we would like. Especially now, when the health sector is fundamental for the return to “normality.” However, medical services are no strangers to the strategies suggested by marketing. We will talk about those in this article on how to market your medical practice.


Medical services are the most susceptible to personal referrals. Getting the word out about the spectacular medical services you offer has its method. For example, if you’re venturing into a new medical practice. It could mean getting your practice featured in traditional media and digital platforms.


But if you are trying to expand your practice in your medical specialty, you will turn to patient referrals. That is, you can use your presence in social networks to get them to give their testimonials. So let’s take a look at some types of marketing for medical practice that you should keep in mind.


Marketing for medical practice tips for digital

Regardless of your budget, there are marketing for medical practice tips you have to consider. For example, in the digital arena are:

  • The use of social media.
  • Blogging
  • Scheduling activities via streaming
  • Newsletters and emails


Your presence in the digital ecosystem will allow your current and potential patients to get to know you and what you offer. You will also be able to share your knowledge and serve as a reference in your area of practice. So let’s see how to apply marketing for medical practice in the digital realm.


marketing for medical practice


Medical practice marketing boosts your presence in social networks

Start up your presence on Facebook. Use this network to publicize your business or practice with news about your area.


Tweet keywords or trends. When you post on Twitter, your current or future clients or patients will know what’s new in your area. Keep in mind that what you are going to tweet is according to words or trending topics. They will broaden the diffusion of what you will publish.


Connect with LinkedIn. You can’t imagine the reach of this social network. It’s a great place to take part in high-level professional discussions. You can also add other suppliers and colleagues as contacts. Even generate networks that will strengthen your online reputation.


Take advantage of Instagram stories and reels. Because of the emotional and aesthetic charge that this social network has. In other words, you have to take advantage of it to publish testimonials about the benefits of your work. For example, before and after a procedure, patient and expert testimonials that endorse your services. You can also make use of quick health tips using the fun tools provided by the Reels.


Post ads on social media. Facebook and Instagram ads are effective if you know how to focus them on your target audience. Turn to digital marketing experts who will help you with segmentation and metrics for what you are posting.


A good tool for marketing for medical practice in social media is Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. On this website, you will find the best advice on social media management. Therefore, in digital marketing in your practice area. Their blog is an endless source of healthcare marketing tips – keep it in mind!


Blogs, streamings, newsletters, and emails

Publishing at least one blog post a week will allow you to create content about your practice area. Also, you will be able to highlight other articles of treatments you provide. Besides, it’s a marketing for medical practice option that gives you added value. And that’s because it can position you as a reference. So, it’s your opportunity to make your knowledge more accessible than you do in a scientific paper.


Streaming activities such as webinars, lectures, and conferences should be free of charge. Your goal is to highlight educational and preventative information to showcase your knowledge. It’s also a showcase of the scope and quality of your services. As a result, a tool to talk about and showcase advances in different practice areas.


But, with newsletters and emails, you will keep your patients updated with valuable information. Although, you should do this in moderation so as not to fall into the dreaded spam. However, make that sending of newsletters and emails according to your medical practice. Also, you can send individual updates.


Marketing for medical practice on your website

Healthcare services are no different from a conventional business. That’s to say, you, as the owner of medical service, are also interested in growing your number of clients. You want to have more patients and that number to increase in the shortest possible time. We’ve already shown you some options for social media. So, it’s time to apply marketing to your website.


When it comes to marketing for medical practice, you should have a comprehensive plan. That’s to say, focusing on finding, attracting, and retaining patients. Likewise, the content on your website should show how you can help your patients get well. Moreover, setting out their treatment options. This way, you can get more patients.  

Like any visitor, users will form an opinion about your practice within 0.05 seconds after your site loads. Besides, 5% of those who enter your website will judge the credibility of your work based on its design. These reasons lead to your medical service’s website having:

  • A good design
  • Fast loading times for each page
  • Usability and compatibility with mobile devices
  • SEO optimization, both technical and content-wise
  • An excellent security protocol and data management
  • Ease of internal navigation


Besides, it would be ideal for your web to have the following areas to improve your conversion rates:

  • Online billing service or payment gateway.
  • Possibility of an online patient chat
  • Sending messages from patients
  • Hosting of informative, tutorial, and preventative videos


Consultation with experts

We recommended going to a specialist when we have an ailment. In the same vein, consult with an expert in digital marketing for medical practice. For instance, Grow Medical*. This portal presents a complete marketing guide for doctors updated many times in a year.


In conclusion, healthcare professionals use marketing for medical practice because:

  • They want to increase the number of patients who consult them.
  • The expectation of boost the frequency of the consults. 
  • They want to expand the coverage of their services.


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