Marketing Trends in the Hospitality industry for 2021

Marketing Trends in the Hospitality industry
The marketing trends in the hospitality industry for 2021 are more challenging. And why is that? Because one of the reasons is, for example, the increase of the foodservice world. But, one of the great lessons of 2020 has been still establishing the brand in the consumer’s mind. As a result, this guarantees a sense of support and belonging. Especially in the most difficult moments. And that’s the challenge for the current 2021: to have better marketing trends in the hospitality industry.
So, to achieve this recognition, it is necessary to have a good marketing strategy. And, above all, to keep informed about future trends in the sector. In this article, we tell you what’s coming in 2021 in the marketing trends industry.

Customer segmentation, necessary in the marketing trends in the hospitality industry

For example, the use of online booking, POS, and social media. It will allow bars and restaurants to create a more specific buyer persona. As a result, an ideal customer model from which key information can get information, such as:
  • Food preferences
  • Time of consumption
  • Peak spending times.


This is one of the marketing trends in the hospitality industry that will make it easier to adjust:


  • The relationship with suppliers
  • Menus
  • Opening hours to the public
  • And services offered.
Let’s check more marketing trends in the hospitality industry in 2021!

Marketing trends in the hospitality industry to consider: Instagram Spots


This trend is gaining strength thanks to the reopening of bars, and hostels. And the reasons are the special details in decor and interior design. For example, the way that these details appear in the online presence and IG. To clarify, Instagram is the most important social network for the hospitality sector.
Marketing Trends in the Hospitality industry
So, the idea is to design Instagrammable points within your premises. Besides inviting customers to take photos and share them on social networks. It’s a cheap and original trend when you want to boost consumption in the dining room.

Personalization of products

The home delivery service is here to stay. But if we give the delivery a plus of personalization we will stand out from the competition. And, how to do it? By creating a usable system for home delivery that allows you to configure aspects such as the term of the meat, add or remove sauces or condiments, allow change of companion, etc…

Sticker Food Order

This IG sticker was born during the pandemic. And its goal was to encourage home delivery from local restaurants. If you want to set it up on your IG account, here’s how to do it:
– First, choose the promotional photo or video to upload to your stories.
– Second, add the Food Orders sticker. Look for it in the sticker tray. Also, add a partner for orders and follow the link instructions.
– Third, place the Food Orders sticker where you want it to appear and edit the colors if you want.
As an extra tip, we remind you to place 10 tags in the post (you can hide them). And to mark a location. This way, the reach of the post will be focused on this place and not on another one. Then, share your stories, and that’s it!

Tik Tok is the law in marketing trends in the hospitality industry

Dare with Tik Tok! Ok, we all know that it’s not a social network for all business models. But if the personality of your local allows it, it’s a good idea. Besides, is relatively new, achieving a wider reach will be easier than in IG.

Some marketing trends in the hospitality industry that have been reshaped despite Covid-19

With the speed at which things change on the web, it’s essential to keep up with the latest marketing trends. That’s to say, to adapt your approach to marketing trends in the hospitality industry. Above all, where the market is headed.
For example, the COVID-19 pandemic. It had a great effect on if, when, and how consumers travel. Likewise as the importance of factors like safety, sanitation, and reliability.  As a result, it increases the personalization experience for consumers. Let’s talk about one of these marketing trends in the hospitality industry:

Personalization experience, key in the marketing trends in the hospitality industry

Personalization continues to increase and has become an expectation of the user. That’s what some recent reports say. They show that 60% of travelers think brands should offer a personalized experience. That’s to say, based on their decisions or past actions.  
Marketing Trends in the Hospitality industry
Also, the main purpose of personalized marketing is:
“To communicate and engage with potential customers as individuals.” And this is possible by delivering individualized content on your website. Besides in email that targets consumers through data compilation and automation technology.”
In the same vein, personalization is relevant for tour operators and hotel marketers. Because their clients and guests are obtained through targeted emails. In other words, this is one of the most straightforward marketing strategies. Especially in the hospitality industry. Besides, it helps to build a personal relationship with customers. And help to encourage them to commit to a return visit. 
To sum up, marketing plays a significant role in helping businesses. But according to marketing trends in the hospitality industry, helps to maximize bookings. Also, revenue, because it’s the main way in which this industry can reach out to potential customers. In other words, conveying their unique selling proposition and brand values.
Any suggestions about more marketing trends in the hospitality industry for 2021? Please let us know in the comment section. And remember: if you want to practice your bilingual skills, please click here. In that way, you can read this same article in Spanish.

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