Multilingual Homes continue increasing in the US. Reach out to this demographic as well

Multilingual Homes


The world is moving forward. And with it, the possibilities of communicating regardless of our native language. The United States is the clearest example of this. More than 68 million inhabitants speak a language other than English. In nine states of the Union, one in four residents speaks a language other than English. So, it’s time to talk about multilingual homes and their importance in the American market.


How to reach multilingual homes?

International content marketing consists of providing relevant information to your potential customers. In other words, to reach clients in their language about their preferences. And, thus achieving enough level of confidence to position your brand. Besides, improving the credibility of your company abroad. Boost your sales and optimize your relationship with customers through multilingual content marketing.


With content marketing, multilingual homes can receive information in two ways:

  • Valued by your customers.
  • And related to your company’s activity.

It allows you to position your products and services in foreign clients. As well as position your company as a reference in your sector of activity. It helps to generate the necessary confidence to establish a business relationship.


The approach to multilingual homes

You can define content marketing as “pull” or “inbound.” But, as opposed to the traditional approach known as “outbound.” With this new approach, companies can establish direct contact with multilingual homes. And marketing is no longer limited to the dissemination of sometimes intrusive information. It was the case with traditional advertising. Instead, it is a matter of making useful and valuable information available. For instance, to the potential buyer at the moment, he or she needs it most.

Multilingual Homes

For that, your business can use multiple communication channels, such as websites, blogs, video platforms, information guides, podcasts, PDF files, presentations, social networks… Taking into account this quality content allows you to position your brand. And, also, generate more sales. By providing quality content to multilingual homes, you can achieve loyalty based on:

  • Traffic to your website increases.
  • Speaking in their language
  • Building brand loyalty


Social media marketing for multilingual customers

For local companies, multilingual social media marketing presents an extra challenge. Many businesses still don’t think that social media is very important. They do not even think social media is worth managing in different languages. That is where they go wrong. Let’s see why.


To improve their ranking on the web, companies must publish information every day of the week. And the information published must be consistent with their strategy and activity. On the Internet, a static website is no longer relevant. Besides, it must be in line with social networks. In the same vein, multilingual homes are part of this dynamic.


There are real differences between static and dynamic companies. Successful organizations constantly publish on the web: news on their websites, blogs, tweets, posts on social networks, videos on Youtube, or Vimeo… that contribute to maintain and develop their online presence. Especially when they do it in several languages.

Multilingual Homes

Instead, a static website is nothing more than a product catalog, a catalog that ages as the months go by. Customers, such as search engines, know how to perceive these nuances. On an international level, the frequent publication of relevant content is also essential. For example, to ensure that your potential customers find you and to position your website and your brand.


How difficult it is to create content for multilingual homes?

Creating relevant content is relevant and useful for potential customers. Moreover, is one of the key points in any multilingual strategy with the web. It can be challenging in a multilingual context. And you keep in mind cultural differences from one culture to another. With this in mind, it’s often best to outsource content creation in languages your companies marketing team is not fluent in. You don’t want to accidentally offend because Google Translate was wrong.


Can we use the same ideas for many languages?

For cultural reasons, you can rarely use the same idea in many languages. Unless you differentiate product/service. And you are selling it yourself, you will have to face many competitors. And they offering similar products and services. What makes your company different? What are its strengths? You will have to adapt the message to each language during the creation of the content.

If your company has clients who speak different languages, your engagement has to be multilingual. Also, being able to engage with those customers in their language. And on the social networks, they are most comfortable with gives you a massive advantage.

(Polydigital Marketing, 2019)


Efficient content marketing for multilingual homes

Before you post in other languages, check if your activities are effective “at home”. If your content works, the effects will be visible in:

  • Traffic to your website.
  • Conversions.
  • Increased number of customers.
  • Improved position in Google search results.

If you have not noticed such multidimensional benefits, you will likely publish content… but it does not mean that it has something to do with marketing as such.


Multilingual Homes

Prepare your strategy

Only a content marketing strategy lets you prepare activities for multilingual homes. So, before requesting translations for blogs or social network posts, ask yourself:

  • Do you want to promote your company in a foreign language? Or do you prefer to build an independent image from scratch?
  • Was the content of your website created to fit the Latin market, or is it universal?
  • Do you have access to the complete structure of the website to be able to create a foreign version? In other words, not only in texts and descriptions but also in the widget footer and menu?
  • Where are the localized customers, and what language do they use?
  • Who are the popular influencers and how are the campaigns done in cooperation with them?
  • Who is the model client in your new market? And how will they be different?


You have to answer the above questions and more. Researching foreign markets, your potential competition, your clients, and their location… It should be the first step in building an appropriate strategy. To sum up, without meticulous preparation you will send spam to your customers. As a result, unwanted content that does not fit their needs. Try to avoid that!


In conclusion: when creating unique content some aspects apply to all multilingual homes. And your clients can receive them in a good way when addressed from a local point of view. Don’t be afraid to consider such ideas! But make sure you try to match the communication to your customers. Also, be as close to their current needs as possible.


Take advantage of your multilingual skills and read this same article in Spanish by clicking here.


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