Pet care marketing and your Doggo wants you to know this year

pet care marketing

If there is one trend that characterizes today’s lifestyles, it is that of dog and cat care. With the number of pets accompanying so many people, the pet care sector is becoming relevant. So much so that it has a turnover of billions of dollars almost all over the world. That’s why this time we will talk about pet care marketing. And your Doggo and our readers’ pets will recognize the benefits of these strategies.


How to generate pet care marketing strategies

Pet care marketing has become one of the most competitive niches in the market. That is to say, if your business is pet care you will need to create powerful strategies if you want to see results. To start with, you should consider some aspects that are particular to this type of business. Let’s get started!


1. The pet care marketing must be personalized

Both the health and pet sectors focus on personalized attention to their clients. And no wonder, since dog and cat owners usually give great importance to them. Also, they do not skimp on resources for the health and care of their pets. It is even quite common for them to consider their pets as their own children. So, with this in mind, the mission of your business is to give a personalized treatment as much as possible*. For example, this is very common in stores and small businesses. Because that creates bonds of trust with their customers. In this order of ideas, the so mentioned customer loyalty comes into play. That is to say, this will depend a lot on the face-to-face and online treatment you give to your users… and, of course, to their pets.


2. A constant learning process on both sides

First-time pet owners have a constant learning process very like that of having a first child. Keep this in mind because it is common for consumers in this sector. Because they have doubts when buying certain products. For example, food, toys, and hygiene products. In other words, be well informed about the products you sell in your physical store and in your eCommerce. Besides, this will have a positive impact on your customers, increasing their confidence. It will even lead to a growth in your sales. Likewise, that kind of learning, for sure, your puppy or kitten will thank you for it.

pet care marketing

3. Entertainment is one of the best strategies

Pet care marketing finds entertainment to be a great advantage. As a result, cat and dog grooming businesses are starting to be fun. Your business should take advantage of this by creating and sharing fun content. In other words, make the most of your website, social networks, and blog with this content. For example, organize contests on your social media profiles. In these you can ask your followers for funny photos of their pets and offer them prizes like:

  • Discount codes for online purchases.
  • Discounts of a certain percentage on purchases or services in your physical store.
  • Gift of a treatment or product


This way you will not only increase interactions on your profiles. You will also give your regular and potential customers some smiles. And as a result of a positive impression about your business. Other fun options are:
  • Share a funny photo of dogs, cats, or other pets every day.
  • Publish articles on your corporate blog about why pets do funny things. For example, when dogs chase each other’s tails or cats play in cardboard boxes.

You already know how to keep your customers’ loyalty and attention. Then it’s time to move pet care marketing to the virtual and face-to-face plane. Read on.


Digital or traditional marketing for your pet care business

If you have a pet care store, your marketing orientation may differ from an online business. Now with the dynamics of virtuality that the Covid-19 has brought us, eCommerce is king. But with the characteristics of health care for pets, the physical store is necessary. So it’s not about shopping for the best pet care marketing. We’re going to layout for you the considerations of a physical business versus a digital store.


A physical pet care store

For example, you may realize that a physical store requires a big initial investment. But in a matter of months, it can be compensated because it is much easier to sell and keep customers. On the other hand, the possibilities to diversify the business are much greater. Not to mention the advantages of dealing with suppliers and even local authorities.

An eCommerce for the care of your pets

In the case of an online business, the initial investment is lower. Even the setup of that eCommerce or landing page could be almost free. Even more so when there are so many tools available on the net that allow you to take those first steps for free. Or at least with relatively modest investments. But one of the obstacles would be that at the beginning it is much slower. Also, you will need a constant and prolonged promotion. So, you must resort to SEO optimization and positioning with all the tools that this implies. For example, publications in social networks, blogs, forums, and online paid advertising. In other words, an effort focused on creating content, conversions, and sales.


But, experience has taught us that the best you can do as an entrepreneur is a mix of “analog” and digital marketing. If you have a face-to-face business, don’t leave out setting up an eCommerce. Or at least work on creating content for social networks. This way you will have the best of both worlds to enhance your business.  In conclusion, you will strengthen your presence with local customers. And improve your online possibilities.
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