Sending your clients a Christmas gift. Some ideas that will improve your business reputation

Sending your clients a Christmas gift

December is and will continue to be the ideal month for giving and receiving gifts. And after the efforts your business went through to withstand the pandemic, it is appropriate to have a detail with consumers and suppliers who did not forsake you. So, try sending your clients a Christmas gift as part of their commitment and loyalty to your brand.


In addition, a gift to new customers who trust your company makes them fall in love with your products or services for as long as possible. Therefore, retaining your users is crucial for the sustainable growth of your business or brand. But, how can we achieve loyal users who do not leave us at the first change? Well, besides providing them with quality products or services, the answer is: sending your clients a Christmas gift!


In We Will Figure It Out, give you some ideas for Christmas gifts. These will help you perpetuate business relationships between your company and your customers or suppliers.


Sending your clients a Christmas gift personalized

One of the most popular trends in recent years is personalization. And we see this from the field of fashion, through automotive mechanics, to gift-giving. Therefore, sending your clients a Christmas gift,  personalized, is a step to establishing an excellent relationship with them.


Personalization is an added value if you want to pamper your customers or suppliers. In other words, “the key lies in sending gifts designed for them.”* That is why it is necessary that you know them well to get it right with that detail you are thinking of sending them. So, it is relevant that you use the database records for email marketing activities. That is to say, they will give you a closer look at the interests and tastes of your customers, and you will be able to surprise them. As a result, “taking into account the tastes and hobbies of our customers and sending them a gift that is meaningful to them is a guarantee of success.”


Also, consider giving some presents in the same proportion to the amount your customers spend in business with your brand. As a result, you will maintain prosperous relationships in the future.


Do you want your users to see you as a priority?
Sending your clients a Christmas gift

sending your clients a Christmas gift

One of the best ways to prevent customer churn is to give them a gift that makes them feel special at Christmas. However, if you feel overwhelmed by not knowing what to give, sending your clients a Christmas gift is a brilliant idea, especially if you consider some tips. So, here are some suggestions shared by Meg Prater, HubSpot blog manager, and editor:


Self-heating mug / smart mug

It is an ideal gift for clients or suppliers who love coffee or tea. It consists of a mug that keeps drinks at the desired temperature. This way, they will never be too hot or too cold.


Basket of gourmet products

If you do not want to give the same basket of processed products over and over again, take note: no more jellies, cheeses, and vacuum-sealed meats! An unbeatable idea is giving a gourmet food basket. That is to say, that gives a new meaning to one of the most traditional corporate gifts. So, be clever sending your clients a Christmas gift full of delicious flavors, healthy food, and stylish.


Sending your clients a Christmas gift with a clear social sense

Maybe, at some point, a material present is not the right thing to give. So, an incredible and emotionally charged gift idea is to make a charitable donation in your client’s name. Don’t forget to tell them what the destination of the money will be. In this way, you will communicate your brand’s values, also, recognize your customer’s and suppliers’ purposes.


Technology will always be a good gift

A technological gift is perhaps the best option to make a good impression on your customers. Items such as personal speakers to enjoy their favorite music are perfect to appeal to their emotions. Likewise, anything that represents care for mobile devices. For example, external batteries for smartphones or portable chargers. These are very cool gifts for customers who are on the go.


Sending your customers a Christmas gift, and
also show your appreciation all year round

sending your clients a Christmas gift

We’ve made it clear: yes, sending your clients a Christmas gift! But gifts aren’t just for traditional dates. It’s a good idea to send some tokens of appreciation throughout the year. For example, it wouldn’t be surprising if our gift gets lost among the many presents that arrive at Christmas to our suppliers. So, why not send your customers a few donations during the other months of the year? Or on specific occasions? As a result, it shows them that they are special to us.


In conclusion, you shouldn’t always wait for a special occasion. And you have not to wait for an industry event to remind your customers how important they are to your brand or business. Nor should you wait for an industry event to remind your customers how important they are to your brand or business; how about sending them an unexpected or out-of-season gift? Chances are, you’ll get a couple of referrals for that effort as a result. You also extend that spirit of loyalty that is so important to the success of a venture.


Give your clients a Christmas gift that identifies you and demonstrates why you use their services. Besides, if they reached out to you during a time as hard as the pandemic, it is only fair that you reward them in some way. And you, do you give gifts to your customers or suppliers, and what do you look for when you do? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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