Setting up your work from home office

setting up your work from home office

For more than a year and a half, we have deal with a pandemic that changes our lives. In the same vein, many of our jobs changed, and it was necessary some preventive measures. In other words, we got used to terms such as telework and virtuality for productive purposes. With all this, we ended up adapting the home into an extension of our professions. That is why we will talk about setting up your work from home office.


But every huge change brings its conflicts. So teleworking, although it is in full swing, is starting to make its way. As a result, our homes have gone from the place to rest to an alternate headquarters for our company. In addition, you can’t escape distractions such as your children, your pet, or household chores. Likewise, those emails that you had to answer and send are accumulating. But don’t worry, here we will give you a brief guide on setting up the ideal office in your house.


What you should consider about
setting up your work from home office

And how about setting up your work from home office? Most people, just like those who are used to being on-site, don’t know how to do it. It’s no wonder that most people don’t have a home office setup. Despite the advances in working hours, the tendency to work from home is here to stay.


On the other hand, productivity prevails in environments where creative thoughts abound. Therefore, distractions reduce and a conducive environment invites you to work. It is what happens with many modern workplaces intelligently designed for employee productivity. And what we would like is that our home offices allow us to be efficient despite not having these innovations at hand. So let’s look first at how to optimize our home workspaces.


Get or adapt a suitable space setting up your work from home office

setting up your work from home office

First, you must choose a suitable workspace in your home. Keep in mind that your productivity is directly proportional to design, comfort, and order. However, consider that working in a cramped space takes away your storage options. As a result, it will cause delays when looking for or filing documents. Add to this the fact that you may be using a decorative chair from your home that does not have sufficient ergonomic conditions.


Therefore, you should also have furniture that is as ergonomic as possible. In other words, you don’t want to develop muscle problems in the long run. When setting up your work from home office, you should ideally use a small room that fits a desk and computer equipment. It should also have the ability to have a door that can be closed because of the essential need to separate work and home life. For example, consider converting a guest room into a dual-use space. As a result, you’ll have an office most of the time and a guest room when you have visitors.


But if you don’t have that extra space, try to find or adapt it. It’s relevant that, as much as possible, you can separate your work from what goes on in your home. When doing so, don’t leave out your style. For example, surround yourself with some personal objects that inspire you to do your work better. However, make sure that the space has a good combination of natural and artificial light conditions that do not strain your eyesight.


Invest in a proper technical infrastructure

Whether your company provides you with the equipment or your work on your own, having a proper technical infrastructure is vital. When setting up your work from home office, the first thing you need is an excellent desk. So take the time to look for it based on what you need to place on it. In the same way, search the chair. No workstation is complete without the right chair for long working days.


On the other hand, keep in mind for your home office:

1. The type of computer you will be using. Most likely, you will decide on a laptop. Then keep in mind if this device is going to need some accessories. For example:

  • Stands
  • Speakers
  • Lights for videoconferencing
  • Screens or monitors
  • Additional keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones
  • Webcam
  • Microphone


2. Cables, adapters, and gadgets. For example, if you are going to connect a monitor, speakers, or a microphone to your laptop, you will need them. Not to mention keyboards, mice, charging cables, USB terminals, and SD card readers. Here you will also find power supplies, routers, external hard disks, and voltage regulators.


3. Software. Just as in your company or any business, you use several tools for the digital world, your home office cannot be the exception. Ideal options are options such as:

  • VPN, or virtual private network, to keep your web traffic-free of spyware.
  • Password managers
  • Mesh router system to offer you high-speed Internet at home



Some final tips

Setting up your work from home office also requires a change in attitude. That is, it should start by setting a limit on when you start and end your workday. It also poses you a discipline not to let yourself be affected by distracting elements, such as your stereo or TV. Another protocol you should adapt is the following:

  • Get dressed early, as if you were going to the office.
  • When you finish your day, turn off the computer or close all the tabs.
  • Try to turn off your work-related notifications after 5 or 6 pm.
  • Take active breaks to stretch your limbs.
  • To help you prevent digital eye strain, do this: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at something up to 20 feet away.
  • Keep your workspace clean and tidy this way will be able to think more clearly. Do not hesitate to get rid of objects you do not need.


In conclusion, when setting up your work from home office, remember that attractive and organized spaces improve your mood and productivity.

If you want to share more tips on setting up your work from home office, please do so in the comments section. 

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