Special events marketing and Mother’s day – Special days are always great opportunities

special events marketing
Dates like Mother’s Day make us think about special events marketing. Because they are the perfect excuse to prepare strong commercial strategies. But not only we have to develop plans to buy and sell products or services. It’s also the perfect opportunity to design campaigns for customer loyalty. So, we invite you to explore what special events marketing can benefit your brand.

Special events marketing always be perfect for special days

Special events marketing uses strategies that associate memorable experiences with a brand. In that way creates lasting memories in the consumer. That’s to say, is sought that the user connects with the brand and identifies with what it offers.
special events marketing
With these actions, your business can increase brand recognition. It also allows you to establish links with customers, suppliers, and employees. So, this facilitates:
  • Brand penetration
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • Updating existing products or services
In short, this is what motivates the organization of a special event. After that, it’s time to check some benefits of the special events marketing.

Benefits of the special events marketing

Special events are one of the most powerful communication and marketing strategies. Because of their direct contact with customers. Besides, they offer the opportunity to bring together large audiences. Also, to deliver the information you want. Look at the convening power and potential they have:
  • A special date (patriotic, religious, or commemorative).
  • A celebration or anniversary.
  • A concert.
  • A party.
  • Award ceremonies.
  • Product launch
  • Trade shows.
  • Sales conventions.


As you can see, a special event can generate numerous benefits. For example:
  • Increased visibility.
  • Strengthening the identity of your business, product, brand, or cause.
  • Serve as an academic platform through forums, symposiums, seminars, conventions, and/or discussions.
  • Strengthening the identity of your business, product, service, brand, or cause.
  • Serve as an academic platform through forums, symposiums, seminars, conventions, and/or discussions.
So, a well-conceived produced event can make a difference for your company. As a result, special events marketing permits your brand:
  • Create notoriety. In this way, companies improve their image and gain positioning and brand value. And this is possible with experiences that connect with your audience.
  • Generate leads. Events are the most effective way to interact with regular and potential customers. They also speed up the process of obtaining leads and generating sales. To do so, need to define the profiles we want to attract to the event.
  • Connecting with the customer. A good event must capture the attention of customers. It must also surprise, amuse and captivate them. This way they share their experience on social networks during and after the event.
  • Network and educate. It’s very important to generate an environment conducive to communication. And interpersonal and group interaction. Likewise, it must offer an added learning value to the attendees.


The 3 E’s of the special events marketing

special events marketing
Key elements: entertainment, excitement, and enthusiasm. They are the 3 E’s that make your event successful. And there must be balance and harmony between these three parts. For example, entertainment and excitement are what help define the event. Also, they are the ones that hook the event’s communication processes as well as its marketing. For its part, enthusiasm is the backbone of the event marketing strategy. Because it involves a real call to action to get sponsors or consumers to attend the event.
Also, when planning an event marketing strategy you should:
  • Identify the objectives you want to achieve.
  • Design an event according to the target customers, suppliers, or guests.
  • Promote the event with a clear and defined communication strategy.
  • Ensure brand visibility. But not only in the event. Also in its merchandising.
  • Check the results of the event. This way you will be testing the return on investment.
  • Work with creativity, innovation, and emotional connection with your audiences.

Event marketing in Mother’s Day

One of the most special dates every year is Mother’s Day. Even during the Covid’s pandemic, it’s an event that you can’ let pass out. So, this is the perfect opportunity to spread special events marketing strategies. For instance, many brands celebrate with online campaigns and sweepstakes on social networks. And they do it all with to generate the brand image. As well as increase their engagement, capture leads, and meet their potential customers. So, let’s see how you can do it.
In 2020 the coronavirus crisis caused many brands to rethink their marketing strategy. Many even dropped their Mother’s Day campaign. Now, this celebration coincides with a still delicate moment of the pandemic. That is, limitations and perimeter closures continue, which will affect consumption.
However, the emotional charge of the date is still key to put the focus on sales. That’s why you must show the closest and empathetic character of your brand. Also, resort to creative ways to connect your clients with your brand. In this, online marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day are your great ally. So let’s take a look at some Mother’s Day marketing ideas.

Some marketing ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here. And marketing for special events suggests some strategies on that date:
1) Photo contest featuring mom.
This is a great way for your followers to show off their mother with a photo of her. Then encourage them to share their mom’s photo and reward them for it.
2) Mom personality quiz
This is a simple and fun way to celebrate this date. A personality quiz is a perfect way to entertain and amuse your customers. Besides being eye-catching, it generates virality. Go for it!
3) Personalized greeting cards and/or videos
With this strategy, you can entertain your users. Also to empathize with them and generate a brand image. It also brings customers who for some reason can not be with their mothers that day.
4) Surveys to get to know your customers and their mothers
This works as a dynamic content campaign to engage your audience. That is, you create a questionnaire as a competition between products. This way your users answer several questions.
5) Give out discount coupons
Both in the online and analog world, this resource will always be a success. It is more than obvious that the celebration of Mother’s Day is a date that encourages purchases. So giving a discount coupon is always a good option. Take advantage of the fans of your website or social media profile. . Then offer them an eye-catching discount. As a result, will surely strengthen the loyalty of your customers. This way it is possible that they will buy gifts for their mom in your physical or online store.
Any thoughts you want to share about special events marketing? Let us know in the comment section. And, as usual: to read this article in Spanish, please click here.

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