The great importance of Email Marketing during COVID-19

Email Marketing during Covid19

Email marketing during COVID-19 has become a great solution to reach customers. Because of this, one of the aspects that have gained space is digital communication. No one in the world has been oblivious to the coronavirus. In some way or another, whatever the industry or business, the impact of the pandemic is a hard reality. We could say that COVID-19 change our lives for a few months, but also our way of thinking about the future.

Businesses forced to reduce physical contact with customers have opted for email marketing. Email marketing during COVID-19 is to strengthen ties with their audiences. These types of indicators show us that people begin for online products. And businesses to improve their presence in the online world.

Even in hard times like this, your business must keep growing. Plus, designing your brand reimagined email campaign does not have to be tough. You still keep in mind concepts like customer experience. Also, you can not forget a welcoming approach, reengagement, and personalize product recommendations. So, assume this mission and make email marketing a valuable ally.



Why choose email marketing during COVID-19?

Coronavirus helps to understand being close to their customers became a relevant premise. Even digital communication and sales channels have gained even more ground than ever. Email marketing during COVID-19 became essential due to the impossibility of making purchases. For example, e-commerce, banking and insurance, marketing, and health agencies have several emails.


In times of COVID-19, the brand strategy has not only been one of the direct sales. Also, consider the other needs of the audience. For instance, a large number of successful campaigns have:

  • Greetings.
  • Useful information without commercial activity.
  • Preventive health and hygiene measures.

Email Marketing during Covid19The truth is that we are facing times when users need to listen to brands. There is no worse strategy than keeping quiet. That is why the range of messages has gone from the sale of products to prevent the virus. It has been the principal goal of companies: accompanying clients through email. They also focus on improving the customer experience through email and automation marketing.

Do you want to develop a remarkable email marketing strategy during COVID-19? Send behavioral emails, try to get creative with segmentation. Also, pay attention to your unsubscribe and capture more emails with personalized sign-up forms. To sum up, give bonus tips to get more emails opened & clicked. Make this crisis the best moment of opportunity for your business.

Email marketing during COVID-19 goes beyond sales


We must think email marketing during COVID-19 is not intended to sell. Fostering relationships and bonds are conducive to winning over customers. It’s about maintaining constant communication. For this, the different brands have appealed to email marketing during COVID-19 strategies. As a result, communities want to engage with the organizations they appreciate. Feel confident to reach out to your clients.

Let’s make room for the great art of storytelling as an email marketing during COVID-19. Always effective. Always on the side of companies that want to get along with people and connect with them. Do you think there have been stories to tell during the pandemic? More than you can imagine!



Storytelling empathizes with the readers by generating emotions, trust, identification, and connection. Even though in times of crisis, it can be of great help. Many businesses changed their promotional emails for content that appeals to sensitivity. Also, signed by a person of authority in the company (CEO, CMO, Head of Culture and People, etc.)


The idea is to share with the audience how the company, the team, their collaborators, the pandemic. So, the aim of email marketing during COVID-19? Humanize the brand. A good story can put a face and feelings on a logo or brand. And that contributes a lot to the relationship with subscribers and customers. After all, the pandemic will pass, and the bond must remain strong.


Email Marketing during Covid19

The new normality

COVID-19 forces customer behaviors to accommodate the new normality. Work, interactions, and transactions have in email one of the best tools to update clients. That is why email marketing will remain important for a long time. It has a low entry wall and high ROI potential, so it is a secure bet for almost any company to invest in email. After that, give your audience valuable emails backed with testimonials. It is an advantage over frequent, impersonal promos and discounts.


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