Using YouTube for business will boost your brand in ways you never thought possible

using YouTube for business

Companies are increasingly aware of the value of using YouTube for business. It is a trend that is increasing in the second most relevant search engine after Google. With more than two billion users, this platform is the ideal ‘hook’ for customers to visit your website. In other words, you only need to look at these percentages to see why it is so valuable for promoting your company:

  • 33% of the world’s population accesses YouTube.
  • 75% of users go directly to your business website after watching one of your videos.
  • 64% of customers make a purchase decision after watching a company video.


Likewise, we can affirm that YouTube videos are an indispensable tool in the promotion of any brand. Let’s see then what are the experts’ proposals on how to using YouTube for business.


How to exploit the potential of your
brand when using YouTube for business

Regardless of the size of your business, it should be clear to you that YouTube is an ideal platform for your marketing strategies. Just keep in mind that it receives more than 30 million views per day, which is enough to understand its value for small businesses that want to market with videos. In addition, creating a YouTube channel provides a centralized platform for your customers to view and engage with your videos.


So, your first step in using YouTube for business should be to complete your profile on this platform. The second is to take on the challenge of uploading engaging video content relatable to your audience. Consequently, you will be able to grow your number of followers. In addition, the current marketing trend shows us that video is prevailing over static content. As a result, YouTube is essential to help you grow your business. The best part is that it’s all at your fingertips. That is, all you need is a Google email account to manage your content on YouTube.


If you don’t have your YouTube channel yet, the same login on the platform will show you how to create it. However, we recommend that you open a business account from Google so that you do not mix the administration of your channel with your email. Also, remember to customize the profile of this channel with information about your brand. At this point, it is worthwhile to go for a design that highlights the logo and slogan of your business. Keep reading to learn using YouTube for business.


using YouTube for business


Using YouTube increases your brand’s visibility

Once you have your business YouTube channel set up, the next step is content creation. Here the first thing you should do is to record a video that serves as a teaser. In other words, a video that shows your audience the content they will find on your channel. This way, they will become familiar with your brand.


Small businesses need to see that using YouTube for business increases their chances of visibility and credibility. It is possible with content that educates, entertains, and provides solutions to your customers’ problems. Therefore, if you focus on these items, you will find an audience loyal to your channel.


If you define the topics and their treatment, YouTube marketing and Google searches will make the rest. For example, in Google’s universal search criteria, there is a privileged place for videos. In other words, they appear more frequently in the results of this search engine. As a result, Google considers videos to be just as important as text-only pages. Let’s see what helps make this possible.


In addition, videos are the best complement to the quality of your business blogUsing YouTube for business will increase both the traffic and authority of your website. In this way, Google will benefit the ranking of all your website pages in their search results. 


Think big so that YouTube help your small business grow

As an entrepreneur, you practically know that part of your company’s success is thinking big. The same applies to creating content for YouTube. That is, the most popular YouTube channels are the ones that have a lot of constantly updated content. So, if you want to use videos as a marketing tool, you need a lot of quality material. But don’t worry, there are many ways for using YouTube for business to produce valuable content for your venture.


Ensure volumes of content that capture the attention of your audience with webcasts and webinars. The advantage of these formats is that they can be split up and published as a series of videos.  You can also reuse infographics and present them as explainer videos. Besides, you can edit short tutorials or product demonstrations. It never hurts to create a corporate profile or a video of how you started your business. Finally, remember that short interviews with owners, staff or customers are also valuable.


What your business videos should include on YouTube

Other features you should keep in mind when using YouTube for business are:

  1. Include calls to action. For example, invite them to contact you for more information or to share your video.
  2. Be interactive. Invite your users to leave comments and, if it’s possible, respond to them.
  3. Use appropriate categories and tags. This way, your audience will find it easier to see the content of their interest. Also, by sharing it and using these hashtags, they will make it a trend.
  4. Descriptions. The video should have a brief one or two-line description that includes a link to your small business website or blog. This way, your viewers will get more information.
  5. Collaborations. Videos featuring influencers or personalities are the favorites of YouTube users. It gives your content additional exposure. You can also turn to popular YouTube channels that offer something that complements your products or services.
  6. Testimonials. Testimonial videos tend to get excellent results on YouTube. That is to say, helping build trust and credibility for small businesses. Also, boosting to position their products or services. For instance, video testimonials have more impact than written ones.
  7. Don’t just post videos on YouTube. Every time you publish a video on your channel, share it on your corporate blog and your business profile on Facebook and Instagram. This way, your users will be able to share it and find them easily. Don’t forget to embed them on your website either, especially tutorials and product demonstrations.


How did you do using YouTube for business? Please share your experience with us. Click here to read this article in Spanish.


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