How do banner ads work? Let us find out about your digital marketing strategy

how do banner ads work

Have you ever wondered how do banner ads work for your online business? It is probably a frequent question for your digital marketing strategy. Also, you asked yourself what you should include or what size is the most appropriate. Your first question should be: what do you want those banner ads to do? 


On the other hand, you need to know the meaning and function of the banner*. That is to say, like advertising pieces inserted into web pages and work like traditional billboards. In other words, banners try to capture our attention and generate brand recognition. In addition, their main objective is to attract traffic to the advertiser’s website.


Nowadays, banner ads are no longer static and already have certain types of animation. To clarify, a banner ad, or a web banner, “is an advertisement displayed on a web page.” For instance, an image ( in .jpg, .png, .gif formats) or a multimedia object (generally created using Flash). Therefore, banner ads can be static or animated, with audio or video to make them more interactive. It all depends on the technology used to make them. As a result, they have features depending on what you want to achieve with your customers.


Let’s see how do banner ads work and how to enhance them to improve your online presence.


How do banner ads work? Some
features that boost your business 

how do banner ads work

The way how do banner ads work depends on aspects such as:

Clean and eye-catching design.

Make sure your banner ads are to the point and easy to read. Avoid cursive or overly ornate fonts. If the login page you want to send your users to is green, set this banner with the same color.


CTA (Call To Action)

CTAs are necessary because they attract users’ attention, so they click when they find them. For example, when they say “Sign Up Now,” “More Information,” “Download Now.”



It is the phrase that will serve as a hook to attract the attention of your potential customers. It must have something about what you want to offer. That is, if you sell healthy snacks, your slogan would say: “Eating healthy is living healthy.” There you have created something unique for your business to attract potential users. 



You must be clear about the dimensions of your banner. You will also determine if you use photos or animated or static graphics in the background. The size will depend on your banner ad’s website or mobile app. 



It is the visual identity of your brand or service that remains in the mind of your consumers. Likewise, it is the graphic representation to identify you quickly when they see your banner. 

Now let us see some appearances about how do banner ads work. 


The most outstanding banners and their advantages

How do banner ads work? Just like a physical banner outside a store would make you enter because it says they offer excellent discounts. In that case, creating some interest that makes you ask about a product. In short, it is the same with online banner ads.


With online banner ads, you want to generate traffic to your website by linking to it, and from there, you try to seal the deal, take into account:

  • What fits best in some specific context. 
  • Online banners work as print media advertising does. That’s to say, they inform, they report about new merchandise, they take your attention, increase brand awareness, and so on.
  • There are three main formats of banner ads:
  1. Integrated 
  2. Expandable 
  3. Floating 


The above allows you to communicate your brand’s intention with advantages such as:

  • Ease of viewing
  • Adaptation in specific sizes to a strategic location in certain landing pages. 
  • Easy integration into several applications.
  • Development is inexpensive.
  • You can easily calculate the return on investment (ROI) through web analytics tools.

After that, how do banner ads work according to their sizes? You should know the measurements for ads on platforms such as:

  • Google
  • Blogs 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

For more information about specific sizes in web banners, please click here.


It is a matter of trial and error

In conclusion, we can say that how banner ads work depends on constant trial and error. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and practice to understand everything related to the different sizes of banner ads. In the same way, it is a matter of tactics and time to create high-performance ads.


On the other hand, your challenge will be to create your banners and the possibility to evaluate their behavior on each platform. It also implies the creation of specific banner content for each social network, website, or video. It will also generate the demand to establish the need or not to link to your website or landing page. 


In short, it all comes down to increasing your online presence with tools that are the best showcase for your products or services. Likewise, they allow your regular and potential customers to have direct contact with what they want.


Did you ever know how banner ads do work? Do you currently use banners in your online business? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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