Using Reels for marketing strategies – Why you should share more on IG

using Reels for marketing

We are less and less surprised -what a paradox- by the success of using Instagram for some businesses. However, the effectiveness of using Reels for marketing strategies is striking. This Instagram tool has the potential to have more than one billion users worldwide. But, the most eye-catching thing is that in its interest to increase and maintain these figures. That’s to say continues to incorporate more features.


Also, to have adopted Tik Tok’s operation with the creation of 15-second videos. And sharing them on Instagram stories, Reels has more to bring to the table. In our article “Consider Instagram Reels for business,” we pointed out that 89% of marketers think Instagram is a relevant tool. They also highlighted that Instagram allows brands to increase their penetration with Reels.


Since August 2020, Instagram has incorporated the same functionality of Tik Tok to Reels. And in a way, it served as a reinforcement to traditional publications. All because it gave them a much greater reach. It even allowed and enabling users and brands to reach large and diverse audiences. That is where marketing strategies should continue to focus their interest. Because the number of young audiences using and reacting to Reels is impressive. 


Why using Reels for marketing strategies

using Reels for marketing

After Instagram Reels’ launch, companies learned to use it as a tool to attract more customers. Also, to promote their services or products and raise awareness of their brand. According to coMsentido*, “Instagram Reels allows you to be creative and boost your brand image.” In other words, this feature allows your brand to differentiate you from competitors. Find out why.


The competitive advantage that Reels allow points to reach new audiences. It is when you should know that Reels are visible to the entire Instagram community. And not only to those who follow you. That’s because you have the option of not doing so, and only your followers can see your videos. But keep in mind that if you choose this option, you do not take full advantage of that Reels offers.


If you are using Reels for marketing strategies, this makes your brand rethink things. First of all, you are reaching a global audience and show them who and how you are to users who have no idea about you. Secondly, unlike Instagram stories, Reels won’t disappear after 24 hours of their publication. That is to say, they continue over time, and you can make them visible in your account’s Feed. With this in mind, don’t you think your brand faces a communication challenge? For example, review your Instagram goals and look at how Reels can help you achieve them. 


Increased traffic, the main reason to use Reels for marketing strategies.

You have already seen how to create content for Reels, so you have to consider variants. For instance, the location of your potential customers. And the permanence in time of what you are going to share. But, when using Reels for marketing strategies, you set the priorities* of what you post. Besides, the style you will use and its relevance according to the moment. Let’s take a look.

using Reels for marketing

Publish content that educates

That is not about replicating what they do in school or college. When using Reels for marketing, you educate your audience about your services. But not for the purpose – at least explicitly – of selling, but to attract and keep more customers.


For example, if your brand is clothing, that educational content on Reels could be about:

  • How to combine garments.
  • Care of garments when washing or storing them.
  • Fashion trends that you should consider according to the time of the year.
  • How your users can share ideas about the use and combination of those garments.


Make sure that this educational content can also redirect your audience to your web. As a result, you can achieve conversions.


Do reviews of what your brand produces.

With what you showed in your educational content, you can share your experience with your products. But your reviews of services and case studies also show your satisfied customers. For example:

  • If your brand sells a physical or digital product, you should post reviews of them.
  • If your company offers services, you can publish case studies.


At this point, Reels will test your ability to be creative in showing your reviews and case studies. That is, with all the technical advantages it has, they make it easy to publish reviews. Also, case studies that entertain your audience. For example, when reviewing products, you can use what those users post about them. With case studies, you can rely on what you have published about them on your blog or in other media. This way, you can design your video explaining the benefits of your brand.


Show the “behind the scenes.”

One way for using Reels for marketing strategies is to show what goes on behind the scenes, in other words, showing your audience how you choose the materials for your products. Or how you came up with your services. You can also strengthen bonds with your traditional and potential customers, for instance, by showing bloopers.


Another aspect in which Reels will be very useful is to show the everyday life of your brand. That is the people and processes that make those products and services a reality, for example, the day-to-day manufacturing process of a specific item. And the training of those who provide you with a service. It can generate a sense of belonging with an audience that feels close to those people. After this, the sales process is kind of easy to achieve.



Strategies such as storytelling find extended use in Reels. It’s a challenge in which, in a few seconds, you can turn that brand story into something interesting. To clarify, if your follower goes to the “About us” page, you should complement it with a dynamic story in Reels. As a result, you can show in more detail who you are and why you sell your products or services. You can also show your expertise, your products, and your services. And get followers interested in your brand.


It’s a trial-and-error exercise. In other words, you have to keep an eye on the metrics to see how much your followers liked it.


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